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New NOUN students usually get confused about National Open university Of Nigeria websites. Here, we’ll try to answer some of these questions concerning NOUN students’ website or NOUN students portal.




  • How many websites does the National open university of Nigeria actually operate?


We should understand that NOUN is Nigeria’s biggest university and also the biggest university in west Africa in terms of students population. NOUN is also the first-ever Distance learning center in West Africa.


This institution was previously operating nouonline com but is currently operating Nouonline.net. This NOUN portal or website has replaced the Noun.edu.ng Student Portal whereas the Nou.edu.ng Student Login page has been taken over and is currently opening at the New Nouedu.net courseware download portal (best known as the knowledge base of National Open University of Nigeria).


Importantly, you should know that Nouonline.net, and not www.nounonline.net is referred to as the Noun Studware platform or NOUN students portal.




  • www.Nouonline.net:

www.nouonline.net website, which was previously www.nouonline.com is the official National Open University of Nigeria website.


www nouonline.net is also known and called the Noun Student Portal Login Page, simply because it provides all students of this great academic institution with all of the information required on the platform.


On this Nouonline.net, all Noun students, including both new student and returning student of this great academic institution can process almost everything they need to make their study easier and much better.




This is for candidates and students who don’t know the meaning or function of the National Open University of Nigeria, NOUN studware is or it’s functions.




NOUN StudWare is a students’ information system which is carefully created, developed and supported by the Directorate of Management Information System of the National Open University of Nigeria, NOUN.




This is the homepage of  the Nouonline Portal website – Nouonline.net



When you visit this portal, here is a quick overview and a glance at the National open university website – Nouonline.net.



As you can see from the picture above, you’ll see the menu options as shown and explained below:




What is the meaning of RRR? RRR simply stands for Remita Retrieval Reference. You can easily and quickly check your Remita payment status by clicking on the RRR Link button which is provided on this portal.


Click here to read more on how to generate RRR for your NOUN school fees.




Another important function of the Nouonline.net portal is that it provides students of this great academic institution, direct access to their dashboard.


For students who don’t know how or where to access their noun online dashboard, nouonline.net is the place you should be.


The Nouonline Portal provides NOUN Students with registration and login options to access their main portal. This portal is where NOUN students can login with their matric number and do most of their academic works.



This portal was where NOUN students used to take their TMAs but as from 2022/1 semester, the management of National Open University Of Nigeria changed the NOUN TMA portal to a different website known as Elearn portal or GST portal due to slow loading speed of the website when students are taking their TMAs. You can read more about the Elearn portal here.




Have you ever asked yourself where do NOUN staff login? Well, this portal is also a place for the staff of this institution as well.


The Staff Login button is strictly for Noun site admin and staff login dashboard and not for students.



When you visit your study centre to resolve an issue like dropping of courses, portal issues etc, This portal is where most of the NOUN staffs login to check and resolve any issue(s) you have regarding your NOUN studies.




Nouonline.net portal provides students easy access to quickly register their semester courses and other important registrations.


Through this page, you’ll be provided a link for the National open university Semester registration, including the following as listed below;

  • Noun study centers,

  • Noun registered students,

  • Admitted Undergraduate Students,

  • The national open university admitted postgraduate students,

  • Exam registration,

  • Noun registered courses for Examination.




You can now apply for admission into the National Open University of Nigeria through the nounonline portal. When you are applying for admission, you will be provided with the following:




On this portal, you’ll be able to see the NOUN Ph.D. Programmes. Take note that the Ph.D. program contains everything you need to know about:



  • Undergraduate Application Form

  • Postgraduate Application Form

  • Ph.D. Application Form

  • Wallet Funding



Before making payment, take note that you have seven (7) options you can use to pay.

  • Visa,

  • MasterCard,

  • Verve,

  • Remita,

  • Internet Banking,

  • Mobile Wallets,

  • Bank Branches (We recommend you use this option)




Another feature on nounonline.net is the student login page. This is one of the most important pages. This particular page provides all students of the National Open University of Nigeria, access to their Noun Student dashboard which without this route you won’t take activities at the Noun Edu Portal student information base.




Here is an official step by step procedures and guidelines on how you can easily log in to the National Open University of Nigeria Student portal. Follow the guideline shared below to access your personalized student’s dashboard.


Step 1: To visit the student portal, click here – www.nouonline.net

Step 2: When the page loads, proceed and click on “Student” 


Step 3: In the Login Page, you’re required to enter your NOUN student Matric Number and Password, then click on the Submit.


This is all you need to know about the NOUN portal and everything about logging into the student’s portal.


If you want the direct link to login into the NOUN studware portal, here’s it –https://www.nouonline.net/stuser.php. When you click the link, just enter your matric and password then submit.


If you want to reset your NOUN portal password, the link is also available there.




NOUN students portal is dynamic (always changing and updated). This page has provided you with the complete details and guideline required for understanding the complete features of nouonline.net.


This page provides you a comprehensive guide on each features and functions so you’ll understand Nouonline.net page better. We’re always ready to assist you with NOUN Tips or assistance here on NounGeeks. Do join our NOUN whatsapp and telegram groups below for more NOUN tutorials.



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