NOUN B.Sc. Public Health registrable courses and their fees are listed below from 200 level to 500 level.


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NOUN B.Sc. Public Health Course Outline


Course Code 200 Level First Semester Unit Status
GST 101 Use of English and Communication skills I 2 C
GST 103 Computer Fundamentals 2 C
GST104 Use of Library 2 C
GST 107 The Good Study Guide 2 C
GST 201 Nigerian Peoples and Cultures 2 C
GST204 Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2 C
CHM101 Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry 2 C
MTH 101 Elementary Mathematics 1 3 C
PED 221 Developmental Psychology 2 C
PHS 201 Anatomy 3 C
PHS 203 Introduction to Public Health Science 3 C
PHS 217 General Microbiology 3 C
PHY 103 Geometric and Wave Optics 2 C


Course Code 200 Level Second Semester Unit Status
GST 102 Use of English and Communication skills II 2 C
GST 202 Fundamentals of Peace Studies & Conflict Resolutions 2 C
BIO 102 General Biology II 2 C
NSC 104 Human Physiology I 4 C
NSC 207 Medical Biochemistry 3 C
PHS 202 Nutrition in Health and Disease 3 C
PHS 204 Introduction to Sociology 3 C
PHS 210 Introduction to Biostatistics 3 C


Course Code 300 Level First Semester Unit Status
GST 203 Introduction to Philosophy and Logic 2 C
EHS 315 International Health Services 3 C
EHS 319 Introduction to Demography 3 C
PHS 301 Health Management Information Systems 3 C
PHS 303 Introduction to Clinical Laboratory Techniques 2 E
PHS 305 Seminars in Public Health 2 C
PHS 311 Child Health 3 C


Course Code 300 Level Second Semester Unit Status
GST 302 Business Creation and Growth 2 C
NSC 206 Environmental Health 2 C
NSC 301 Human Behaviour in Health and Illness 2 C
PHS 302 Organisation of School Health 3 C
PHS 308 Health Management I & II 3 C
PHS 312 Oral Health Care 2 E
PHS 318 Principles of Epidemiology 3 C
PHS 322 Community Mobilisation and Participation 3 C
PHS 326 Public Health Practical I (Field Work) 3 C


Course Code 400 Level First Semester Unit Status
BIO 411 Parasitology 3 C
EHS 409 Sewage & Waste Water management 2 C
NSC 407 Health Economics 2 C
NSS 311 Primary Health Care I 3 C
NSS 409 Medical Sociology 3 C
PHS 401 Community Reproductive and Adolescent Health 3 C
PHS 403 Accident and Emergency 2 E
PHS 421 Research Methods in Public Health 3 C


Course Code 400 Level Second Semester Unit Status
NSC 203 Human Physiology II 4 C
PHS 402 Introduction to Public Health Laws 2 C
PHS 404 Occupational Health & Safety 3 C
PHS 426 Essential Drugs and Public Health Pharmacology 3 C
PHS 430 Community Health Practical II (Field Work) 3 C


Course Code 500 Level First Semester Unit Status
PHS 505 Community Mental Health 3 C
PHS 507 Outreach and Mobile Health Services 2 E
PHS 509 Geriatrics, Gerontology and Care of Persons with Disabilities 2 E
PHS 511 Applied Epidemiology (Communicable & Non Communicable Diseases) 3 C
PHS 599 Research Project 5 C


Course Code 500 Level Second Semester Unit Status
PHS 512 Seminars in Core Areas of Public Health 6 C
PHS 520 Community Posting (Internship) 6 C
PHS 524 Health Education and Promotion 3 C


NOUN school fees for B.Sc. Public Health


Compulsory fee (1st Semester ONLY) : 100Level ₦58,000
Compulsory fee (Direct Entry Students ONLY) : 200Level & 300Level ₦58,000
Compulsory fee (Returning Students) ₦29,000
4 Units Course ₦3,000
3 Units Course ₦2,500
2 Units Course ₦2,000
Science Practical (per course) ₦6,500
Exam Fee (per course) ₦1,500
Carryover Fee (per course) ₦1,500
Project ₦25,000
IT/SIWES, Teaching practice ₦12,000
Practicum ₦15,000
Seminar ₦5,000

NB: Make sure to register atleast 1 elective (E) course each semester and also, If you’re registering any carryover course, you don’t have to register the main course again but ONLY the exam.


The link for carryover registration will be active on your portal once the carryover registration period begins.


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