We wish to inform all nounites registered on this platform that they can now participate and take NOUN mock exams here FOR FREE.



All you have to do is login then from the top left menu on your dashboard you can click the link “NOUN MOCK EXAMS” then scroll down and click on “enroll now

Noun mock exam

We made it 10 questions for each course for now, each question carries 2marks then the timer is set for 20mins that is you have 2mins to answer each question or the system submits it for you automatically.noun mock exam

To explain further, we’ll use CIT102 as an example, then click on start quiz.noun mock exam2Immediately you start the quiz, the timer starts counting down just like the way it’s done during National Open University of Nigeria E-exams. As you can see below it’s on 18mins alreadynoun mock exam2


Once you’re done with your submissions, you can be able to see your result if you (fail or pass) etc. Just like on the picture below, i failed. And if you want to know the incorrect answers that failed you click on “details

noun mock exam2 

Now i can see the questions i got the answers wrong on the picture belownoun mock exam2


You can always check your “quiz attempts” like a sort of your quiz history to know how you’re progressing or if you’re doing bad then you can work harder to pass.noun mock exam



This mock exam feature is new and is actively being developed by us to make it more useful to new and old students that will be sitting for NOUN E-exams, we recommend you use the NounGeeks app for it. None members can view it from here


We don’t charge for this mock exams, you can re-attempt any course mock exam as many times as you want till you see improvement from your end as a student.


All the questions will come out in random order and we’re currently adding more courses. we’d love to hear from you about this new feature and you can drop any feedback you have both good or bad as we use it to improve the platform, THANK YOU!.



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