NOUN B.Sc. Criminology and Security Studies registrable courses and their fees are listed below from 100 level to 400 level.


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NOUN B.Sc. Criminology and Security Studies Course Outline

Course Code 100 LEVEL FIRST SEMESTER Credit Unit Status
PCR111 Introduction to Peace Studies 3 Elective
POL111 Elements of Political Science 3 Elective
CIT101 Computers In Society 2 Core
EC0121 Principles of Economics I 3 Elective
CSS133 Introduction to Criminology I 2 Core
CSS121 Introduction to Psychology 3 Core
CSS111 Introduction to Sociology 3 Core
GST105   2 Core
 GST107 A Study Guide for the Distance Learner  2  Core
 GST101 Use of English & Communication Skills I  2  Core
Course Code 100 LEVEL SECOND SEMESTER Credit Unit Status
PCR114 Introduction to Conflict Resolution 3 Elective
CIT102 Software Application Skills 2 Core
POL126 Citizens and the State 3 Elective
CSS136 Intro to Criminology II 3 Core
CSS134 Geography of Nigeria 3 Elective
 CSS132 Ethnography and social structure of  Nigeria  3  Core
CSS112 Sociology of Law 3 Core
 GST102 Use of English & Communication Skills II  2  Core
Course Code 200 LEVEL FIRST SEMESTER Credit Unit Status
POL223 Foundations of Political Economy 3 Elective
PCR211 Education for Peace 3 Elective
 CSS245 Security Planning, Development and Organization  2  Core



JIL211 Nigerian Legal System I 4 Elective
JIL100 Introduction to Law 4 Elective
CSS211 Sociology of Crime and Delinquency 3 Core
GST201   2 Core
CSS243 Principles of Security Practice and Management 3 Core
CSS241 Basic Security and Security threats 3 Core
Course Code 200 LEVEL SECOND SEMESTER Credit Unit  Status
MAC212 Media and Society 3 Elective
JIL212 Nigerian Legal System II 4 Elective
PCR274 Introduction to Conflict Transformation 3 Elective
PCR272 Concepts and Practice of Peace Building 3 Elective
GST202   2 Core
CSS246 Legal and Social Framework of Private Security Services in Nigeria 3 Core
CSS242 Measurements and Patterns of Crimes and Deliquency 3 Core
CSS244 Types and Analysis of Security Threats 3 Core
CSS212 The Sociology of Punishment and Corrections 3 Core
Course Code 300 LEVEL FIRST SEMESTER Credit Unit  Status
CSS331 Methods of Social Research 3 Core
GST302 Business Creation and Growth 2 Core
CSS343 Information System Security Management 3 Core
PCR373 Demobilisation, Disarmament and Reintegration 3 Elective
CSS381 Domestic Violence 3 Core
PUL341 Criminal Law I 4 Elective
CSS361 Juvenile Institutions and Juvenile Corrections in Nigeria 3 Core
CSS351 Prisons and Correction of Offenders in Nigeria 3 Core
CSS341 Policing and Law Enforcement in Nigeria 3 Core
Course Code 300 LEVEL SECOND SEMESTER Credit Unit  Status
PUL342 Criminal Law II 4 Elective
PCR362 Urban Violence and Security 3 Elective
CSS342 Safety Management for Loss Prevention 3 Core
CSS356 Traditional and Informal Mechanisms of Crime 3 Core
CSS354 Special Categories of Offenders 3 Core
CSS352 Theory of Crime and Crime Control 3 Core



Course Code 400 LEVEL FIRST SEMESTER Credit Unit Status
CSS461 Criminology 1(For Law Studentsonly) 4 Core
CSS411 Contemporary Issues in Criminologyand Securities 3 Core
PUL241 Human Rights Law I 4 Elective
CSS455 Forensic Science 3 Core
CSS441 Technical/Electronics Aspects of Security 3 Core
CSS443 Traffic/Road safety and Equipment 3 Core
 CSS431  Field Observations  6  Core
CSS491 Emergency, Riot and Disaster Control Management 3 Core
 PCR375 Language and Information Management in Peace & Conflict Resolution  3  Elective
ENG453 Language and National Development 3 Elective
Course code 400 LEVEL SECOND SEMESTER Credit unit  Status
PUL242 Human Rights Law II 3 Elective
CSS462 Criminology 11 (For Law Students only) 4 Core
PCR415 The Nature of Global Terrorism 3 Elective
PCR412 Globalisation and Peace 3 Elective
 CSS442 Professional Ethics in Law Enforcement & Security Management  3  Core
PUL244 Constitutional Law 11 4 Elective
CSS433 Project 6 Core
CSS452 Victims of Crimes and Human Rights Violations 3 Core


NOUN school fees for B.Sc. Criminology and Security Studies


As we have discussed in how much is NOUN school fees

  • Course registration (per 3unit credit  course ) = N2,500 

  • Course registration (per 2unit credit course) = N2,000 

  • Exam registration per course = N1,500

  • Semester registration fee (100 level first semester) = N47,000

  • Semester registration fee (Other levels) = N18,000


That’s how to calculate your NOUN school fees for criminologists.

To explain further (using a different department), I’m in 300level second semester this is how much i will pay;

noun school fees for early childhood

  • Course registration fees N2000 X 7 =  N14,000

  • Exam registration fees  N1500 X 7 = N10,500

  • Semester registration fee = N18,000



Please note that it’s not compulsory to register all courses if you don’t have enough money, you can pick any number of course(s) you can afford and register.


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