NOUN mass communication registrable courses and their fees are listed below from 100 level to 400 level.


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NOUN Mass communication Course Outline


Course Code 100 LEVEL FIRST SEMESTER Credit Unit Status
JLS111 Introduction to Journalism 3 Elective
ENG121 Structure of Modem English I 2 Elective
CSS111 Introduction to Sociology 3 Elective
 MAC121 Introduction to News Writing &Reporting  3  Core
MAC117 Writing for Mass Media I 2 Core
MAC115 African Communication Systems I 2 Core
MAC113 History of Nigerian Mass Media 2 Core
 MAC111 Introduction to MassCommunication  3  Core
CIT101 Computers In Society 2 Core
 GST107 A Study Guide for the DistanceLeamer  2  Core
GST105   2 Core
 GST101 Use of English & CommunicationSkills I  2  Core



Course Code 100 LEVEL SECOND SEMESTER Credit Unit Status
GST104 Use of Library 2 Core
 INR112 Introduction to Law and Diplomacyin Pre-Colonial Africa  2  Elective
 MAC132 Principles of Advertising and SalesPromotion  2  Core
 MAC142 Introduction to Radio andTelevision  3  Core
 MAC134 Principles and Practice of PublicRelations  2  Core
MAC116 African Communication Systems II 2 Core

NOUN Mass Communication School Fees

JIL100 Introduction to Law 4 Elective
ENG122 Structure of Modem English II 2 Elective
CIT102 Software Application Skills 2 Core
GST102 Use of English & CommunicationSkills II 2 Core



Course Code 200 LEVEL FIRST SEMESTER Credit Unit  Status
POL123 Introduction to PublicAdministration 3 Elective
MAC225 News Writing & Reporting 2 Core
MAC223 Magazine & Feature Article Writing 3 Core
MAC221 Editing & Graphics ofCommunication 2 Core
MAC213 Foundation of CommunicationResearch 2 Core
MAC211 Theories of Mass Communication 3 Core
ENG223 Advanced English Composition 1 2 Core
JIL211 Nigerian LegalSystem I 4 Elective
CSS121 Introduction to Psychology 3 Elective
GST203   2 Core



Course Code 200 SECOND SEMESTER Credit Unit  Status
MAC246 Educational Broadcasting 2 Core
MAC242 Foundations of Broadcasting 3 Core
MAC232 Environmental Public Relations 3 Elective
MAC214 Investigative & InterpretativeReporting 2 Core
ENG224 Advanced English Composition 11 2 Core
MAC212 Media and Society 3 Core
JIL212 Nigerian LegalSystem II 4 Elective
GST202   2 Core
GST204 Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2 Core



Course Code 300 LEVEL FIRST SEMESTER Credit Unit  Status
MAC343 Radio!TV Programming 2 Core
MAC323 Photojoumalism 3 Core
MAC311 International Communication andWorld Global Systems 3 Core
MAC341 Developmental Communication &Broadcasting 3 Core
MAC333 Media Station Management andOperation 3 Core
MAC331 Advertising Campaign Planning &Execution 3 Core
MAC313 Critical Writing and Reviewing 2 Core



Course Code 300 LEVEL SECOND SEMESTER Credit Unit  Status
MAC322 Editorial Writing 3 Core
MAC312 Newspaper Production 3 Core
MAC314 Issues in Mass Media in Nigeria 2 Core
MAC316 Mass Comm. & NationalDevelopment 2 Core


 MAC318  Media Attachment  6  Core
MAC334 Intemational Public Relation 2 Core
MAC332 Advertising Copy and Layout 2 Elective
GST302 Business Creation and Growth 2 Core



Course Code 400 LEVEL FIRST SEMESTER Credit Unit Status
MAC427 Economics & Social Issues inAdvert & PR 2 Core
MAC441 Documentary Film Production 3 Core
MAC425 Public Relations Practice 3 Elective
MAC423 Book Publishing and the Law 3 Elective
MAC413 Data Analysis in MassCommunication 2 Core
MAC421 Advance Newspaper/MagazineProduction 3 Core
MAC411 Media Law and Ethics 3 Core



Course Code 400 LEVEL SECOND SEMESTER Credit Unit Status
MAC418 Research Project 6 Core
MAC444 Broadcast Commentary &Announcing 3 Elective
MAC442 Advanced BroadcastNews/Programme Production 3 Core
MAC428 Integrated MarketingCommunication 2 Elective
MAC424 International Advertising andPropaganda 3 Elective
MAC416 Sociology of Mass Communication 2 Core
MAC414 Science & Technology Reporting 2 Core
MAC412 Media Management 3 Core


NOUN school fees for Mass Communication


Compulsory fee (1st Semester ONLY) : 100Level ‚ā¶58,000
Compulsory fee (Direct Entry Students ONLY) : 200Level & 300Level ‚ā¶58,000
Compulsory fee (Returning Students) ‚ā¶29,000
4 Units Course ‚ā¶3,000
3 Units Course ‚ā¶2,500
2 Units Course ‚ā¶2,000
Science Practical (per course) ‚ā¶6,500
Exam Fee (per course) ‚ā¶1,500
Carryover Fee (per course) ‚ā¶1,500
Project ‚ā¶25,000
IT/SIWES, Teaching practice ‚ā¶12,000
Practicum ‚ā¶15,000
Seminar ‚ā¶5,000

NB: Make sure to register atleast 1 elective (E) course each semester and also, If you’re registering any carryover course, you don’t have to register the main course again but ONLY the exam.


The link for carryover registration will be active on your portal once the carryover registration period begins.


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