The 2021/2022 National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN)  graduation list is out!



More than 4000 students’ names are on this list, though we’re not sure but we expect more list(s) to come out from now till january 2022.



noun graduates



Click DOWNLOAD to get the list and search your name. Congratulations to all graduating students.


UPDATE 1: We just received a more comprehensive list, Click HERE to download it.


UPDATE 2 (Nov 21st 2021): The official graduation list is this one in update 2, We got it from NOUN’s MIS.

This Noun Graduation list consist of Faculty of Science, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Management Sciences, Faculty of Education and Faculty of LAW First Batch Graduation List.


Qualifications, full name, class of degree and other details are all in this official graduation list.


Click DOWNLOAD to get the official NOUN 2021 graduation list.



UPDATE 3 ( DEC 9TH 2021)

Another graduation list (BATCH 2) has just been released, this list has about 1,091 graduands from mostly BIOLOGY, COMPUTER SCIENCE and ENVIRONMMENTAL SCIENCE  departments, click DOWNLOAD to get it. Congratulations once again!

Meanwhile, MCcarthy study centre graduating students’ portal clearance is about to commence, click here to see the date for the clearance.




Another graduation list just came out today for post graduates. Download it from here.



In furtherance, all concerned students are to forward complaints arising from this list to the Centre Director’s Office for onward transmission to Academic Registry NOUN HEADQUARTERS ABUJA.

Please note;

i. Graduands with Initials in their name(s): they are to provide their names in full.

ii. Graduands with Four (4) names: they are to provide their preferred three (3) names

iii. Graduands with mis-spelt name(s): they are to provide their correct name(s).

iv. Wrongly captured Study Centre: they are to provide their correct Study Centre.

Please note that all corrections are to be presented to the Centre on or before Friday 3rd December, 2021 for onward transmission to Academic Registry Office NOUN Headquarters Abuja .

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Incase you didn’t see your name or department don’t panic, this is not the full list.


Bookmark or save this page, we will be updating it with more list(s) that will come out.


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Here are other graduation list updates we’ve posted so far;


Last semester 2021_2 results has been released, learn more on how to check your results on the NOUN students portal.


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