The director, management information system (MIS) of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), Dr. Muhtari Alhassan, has disclosed that certain changes have been effected on the university’s portal to keep pace with the dynamism of the technology and improve efficiency.


In an interview with NOUN News, the director said the university management has approved new changes on the portal, which include the provision of course materials for download at student’s leisure.


According to him, students can now see both the wallet balance and number of credit units they have registered for the semester “because most students register more than their required courses. With this new innovation, students will only be allowed to register current and carryover courses.”


Alhassan explained that NOUN portal “is dynamic and it is changing all the time.


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Right now some students that register their courses may discover they don’t have to register it because if they result of the exams comes out and they have excelled in it, there will be no need for them to register for that particular course any more.

That is why students have problem with their portal during this period.’’



Asked on the issue of missing fund, he said such complaints could be borne out of the attitudes of some students assigning an external agent for their registration.


“Funds don’t get missing. All payments are made through Remita. What normally happens is that, there were times students over register courses or exams beyond the amount in their e-wallet and once that happens he could get a negative balance. If that is done such registration can be aborted and the student’s money will be refunded respectively when the student directs his complaint to the bursary unit,” he said.


The director urged students to appreciate the efforts of the management towards their numerous complaints and also assured them that solutions will always be given to their complaints.


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