For you to score A in any NOUN exams, the first step to achieve that is through your TMA scores.


This article is mainly for the new National Open University Of Nigeria students who are yet to understand what TMA is all about and how important it is. – All your questions will be answered here concerning NOUN TMA.


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TMA stands for Tutor Marked Assignment. It is a computer based test or assignment given to National Open University Of Nigeria students every semester before their exams.


NOUN TMA comes out 3 times every semester, TMA1, TMA2, TMA3. Each consists of 10 questions and 10marks , making it all a total of 30marks.


EG; BIO101 TMA1, TMA2, TMA3 = 30MARKS.


After your exams, your TMA scores will be added to your exam scores to determine your grade for that semester, so that’s why you have to take your TMAs very seriously.

noun tma solutions

If you fail any course after exams, you’re to register it again as carry-over and redo all the TMAs for that course.


All TMAs are available in your student’s portal at nouonline.net , except for GST TMAs which are available at elearn.nouedu2.net.


Each TMA that comes out, eg; TMA1, can last up to 2 to 3weeks before it’s closed(timer runs down) for the next one, TMA2  to start.


To check how many days or time you have left on any TMA that came out, you can visit nouonline.net scroll down to the bottom to see it. We’ll also make the timer available here this semester.

noun tma countdown



It is important to start solving your TMAs immediately they’re out because the TMA portal can easily get congested especially during rush hour with thousands of Students submitting at once and this normally slow down the website most times.


Finally, you can still fail some questions on the TMA portal even if you get the answers right. These are some minor issues with TMA submission that is beyond any NOUN students’ control. So prepare for a tough ride, you’ll see alot of things.


We also provide TMA assistance for students. we have helped alot of students with their TMAs, you can count on us to deliver all your TMAs fast and your marks 30/30.  Only use an agent you can count on and is reliable to avoid being scammed.


We’ll let you know when you can book your TMA with us this semester to assist you, don’t be in a hurry.


Here is NOUN TMA schedules for 2022_1 semester



  • TMA 1 ENDS 17TH MARCH 2022

  • TMA 2 STARTS 18TH MARCH 2022

  • TMA 2 ENDS 31ST MARCH 2022


  • TMA 3 ENDS 14TH APRIL 2022

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