This is a guest post by a NOUN student @bella

Are you finding it hard to score A, B or even C in your NOUN results?

Well, you’re not alone. A lot of NOUN students are facing this same issue because of NOUN’s strict exam scripts marking policy.

LOL, what i meant is that in National Open University Of Nigeria exams, what you write is what you get.

No bribing, sorting or use of any unconventional means to pass your exams because you don’t know which lecturer/staff that will be in charge of marking your papers in POP exams unlike other conventional universities in Nigeria where students/staffs are in business, and the computer programme used in NOUN E-exams is something you cannot bribe nor manipulate.

tired student
Tired student

Follow these simple steps below to get ahead in your NOUN exams & watch how your result grades will change like magic.


Let’s be honest with ourselves, most of us don’t open our course materials till 1 week before exams start or immediately we see that the exam timetable is out.

You don’t have to wait for the semester to resume before you start reading.

How do you expect your brain to understand a course material with up to 200 pages within that short period of time and with that reading speed you’re using to read, hoping to cover it all once? and atleast in a semester you have probably like 6 registered courses to study , making it approximately 1200 pages of different topics to cover.

A student studying.
A student studying.

All NOUN course materials for all departments are available for free download on the Noun portal if you can’t go to your study centre to collect the hard copy.

Most students complain that the course materials are too big to read and understand without the help of a tutor or a lecturer, which is true to some extent, that’s why on this website they have summaries of most course materials that you can download and read for free or request for anyone you need and they’ll have it sent to you.


This is one aspect of my NOUN study that i don’t joke with because TMA comprises of 30% of what your result will look like. All my TMAS are solved and submitted within a week it’s out.

Nothings makes you more relaxed to study your course materials when you know all your TMAS are all solved and you know your scores.

Some students will say you don’t know most of us are workers and don’t have time to cover most of these, talk more of killing ourselves on top TMA solving.

Well i get that too, that’s why now you can use an extra hand from this website to book for your TMAS and they will solve your TMAS for you for just N600 per course i.e, N600 for TMA123 of a single course like ENT101.

TMA solver

They’re really helpful to NOUN students and i use their TMA SOLVER to solve all my Maths TMAS and other courses. They also offer a whole lot of other things that can assist you academically here, just visit the website store to buy even GST302 business plans and seminar files.


You’re no longer in secondary schools, you’re meant to read and do more research on your branch of study to gain more insight and better understanding of your course material.

For example, As a com tech / computer science student, you ought to read more on web development and coding.

A student making research

Most of these topics are not fully covered in the course material but there are some good websites like LEVEL UP DEV that you can go to and read more about web development for free and get a better understanding on what you’re studying in school and also equip yourself with the needed skills.

Just google about your department and you will see tons of websites that can assist you in your study, just don’t read only your course material, broaden your horizon.


I normally start my revisions when the timetable is out, that’s when most of you start to read.

This period is when you revise all you have read in the semester and try to keep your brain active while waiting for your exam dates to be fixed.

Revision time

I revise by reading and going through past questions and trying my hands on some past questions to see how far i can perform in the upcoming exams, this way i will be able to note somethings down and work on the areas am lagging behind on before exam starts.

You can download any past questions you want on this website once you register, totally for free.


Scoring A or B in your NOUN exams is very easy if you can devote at least 2hours of your time each day to follow this simple tips.

Most of you spend all your day facebooking, instagramming and whatsapping. Make out time for your study and see your grades go up like magic.

This trick is what has been helping me and my CGPA looks very good, try it this new semester and see for yourself.

Do you have any useful tips that can assist NOUN students? Kindly send it to us via [email protected] and we will have it published.

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