NOUN elearn.nouedu2.net login (Elearn Portal)


If you just got admitted into National Open University Of Nigeria, you must be wondering what elearn.nouedu2.net website is used for.


What is NOUN Elearn Portal Used For?


Elearn.nouedu2.net is another NOUN website, where students take / submit their TMAs and participate in online facilitation of some courses. It is sometimes called The GST website or NOUN GST portal.


noun elearn


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Elearn.nouedu2.net portal is also where you upload your completed GST302 business plan for grading and also book your GST302 business plan presentation date (300 level students take note).


After this recent update, the management of National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) made elearn.nouedu2.net portal their official website for all TMA submissions (GSTs and departmental courses) starting from 2022/1 semester.


Elearn portal login link is https://elearn.nouedu2.net , we have also written a full post on how to login and activate your NOUN elearn portal.




Please, kindly note that the elearn website has changed from elearn.nouedu2.net to elearn.nou.edu.ng, All students (both new and old) are required to login freshly on the new site.


How to Login to NOUN Elearn portal


Username and password is your matric number in lowercase i.e. nou123456789


New students who recently registered may find it difficult to log in to their elearn portal at first.


This is normal, as it can take some time for new student accounts to become fully activated. Please wait a while and try logging in again later.


Students who have duly registered for the semester are advised to visit our upgraded eLearn platform.


How to reset your password on Elearn portal


To create a new password, you should enter your NOUN email address at eLearn Password reset page – https://elearn.nou.edu.ng/login/forgot_password.php 

noun elearn password reset page

A link will be sent to your NOUN email to guide you through the password creation process.


Thank you! Kindly share with other students.



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