Final year NOUN students are meant to submit three (3) project topics that is related to their department to their study centre for approval before he/she can start their project work.


After submitting the three project topics to your study centre, they’ll now pick one topic from the three submitted topics and ask you to work on it.


Don’t know the format to draft your NOUN project topic proposal? Here, we’ll show you how to present it in few simple steps, it’s not hard to do.


Note, this process varies for different Faculties/Programmes. To avoid any confusion, it’s best you inquire from your study centre. However, we’ll use communications technology or ICT department for the sake of this tutorial.


Below is the approved NOUN project topic format:







Full Name:  NounGeeks

Programme: Information & communication Technology (ICT)

Matric Number:  Nou123456789

Phone:   08089722160

Level:  400


Proposed Research Topics (must be three in number)


1.  Design and implementation of an online library system

2.  Examination verification system using Biometric.

3.  Design and implementation of patient management system.

Check below to see how it should look like after you’re done drafting it.


This is how it should look like;

noun project topic format

NOUN Project topic format


Note that for some study centres, it’s expected you submit the above details in hard copy (typewriting). Sequel to this, after two weeks or more, the copy you submitted will be signed and you will be assigned to a project supervisor.


You will be given the supervisor’s phone number. Call him or her, introduce yourself and enquire from the supervisor when he or she will be available so that both of you can meet.


Take the signed copy (proposed project topics) to the supervisor. From the three proposed topics you submit, the supervisor will amend, approve one or give you an entirely new project topic then sign on it.


Photocopy the approved copy and submit back to school the original approved and signed copy of the project. Once you have done this, you can begin your project.


Then lastly, submitting your three project topics doesn’t guarantee that you will be given a topic from those topics to work on.


Some supervisors will tell you that he/she don’t like the topics you submitted, you will be asked to submit another different topics, other times your supervisor will simply give you a different topic you didn’t submit and ask you to work on it. 


There’s nothing else to do other than to do as you were instructed. You also need to upload your completed final year project on the PAS portal when you’re done, learn how to upload completed NOUN final year project on the PAS portal from HERE.


If you need assistance with project topics or your project work entirely, you can contact us for assistance or also read format for writing NOUN projects (detailed guide) highly recommended.

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