According to NOUN 2021 academic calendar, all registrations will end on the 30th of september 2021.



New & returning students, you have not less than 22days from now to complete all payments and registrations (the date might be extended) but don’t put your hopes there.



Online facilitations will commence this month on most of the courses, we’ll post the zoom links here to join once they’re ready same with GST302 business plan.

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TMA(assignments) will start on October 1st  and run till 7th of November 2021. You have about 10 days to solve each of your TMAs.


To explain further, new students that registered 10 to 12 courses this semester, you have about 10 days to solve each of those courses TMA 1 before it closes and then you move to TMA 2 and TMA 3 of those courses.



If you’re the busy type, we can provide assistance for your TMAs if you forward your TMA request to us by clicking here and we’ll handle the rest for you.



Immediately TMA 3 is done, POP exam will commence then E-exam follows.



Start now to prepare by getting yourself ready. NOUN exams are not that hard if you read your course materials or you can get the course summaries if you think the materials are too big or bulky.



You can also practice with some of the NOUN mock exams we’ve added on the platform, as you can see on the picture below, about seventy students have enrolled so far. You can enroll, it’s free for all Nounites.

noun mock exam


NOUN always repeat past questions, do yourself good and download all your course exam’s past questions and study them. It will help you during your exams.



You can also connect with your course mates very easy on NounGeeks now, you don’t have to use the search button anymore. All you have to do is go to your profile for example and click on any of your school info on your NOUN BIO.



For example, my department is communications technology. When i clicked on it, the platform will display all students that are studying communications technology.



If you click on study centre, the platform will show you students from the same centre as you, same with any other information you need you can click on it and you have it.

You can chat them up or collect their phone numbers if they made it public just like mine.



PS: If you’re not logged in you won’t be able to do all these, you can sign up to join the community.



More updates will be coming shortly, kindly share to other NOUN students, thank you!


Check out: NOUN 2021 academic calendar

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