If you’ve just applied for any programme in National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) , follow these simple steps to upload your credentials online for verification.

This process is the same for all levels and departments i.e, Undergraduate, PGD/Masters and PhD applicants.



1.  Scan each document in color i.e., your O’level certificate, birth certificate, etc  you used in applying for the admission (both sides if necessary) , Save all scanned documents into a single PDF file .  Ensure that the pdf file is clear and NOT bigger than 2MB in size.



2.  You can use pdf2go.com to merge all documents into a single file and then compress it down below 2MB if it is larger than that.


Upload your credentials here : nouonline.net/credsup_idx.php  – All you need to do is choose your category (Undergraduate, Post Graduate, PhD).


noun verification portal

3.  Then input the RRR number you got when you purchased your application form. Read how to buy NOUN application form here.


After upload, you should get a “successful” response. If you don’t, check if your merged file is larger than 2MB(Please bring it down to less than 2MB).




4.  If you happen to omit a document in the uploaded credentials, all you need to do is attach the document and re-upload. The re-uploaded credentials will overwrite the pre-existing one you had uploaded.


5.  The required credentials for your category are listed here: nouonline.net/credsup_idx.php



If you need more help or want us to do it for you or help you process your NOUN admission and breakdown of everything, feel free to contact us and we’ll assist you.

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