One major focus for every 400 Level NOUN student is embarking on Research Project which carries 6 credit units.


There are many reasons a student might not find his or her name in the graduation list even after completing all requirements.


One of the main reason is the late submission of one’s project. NOUN graduation lists usually come out later in the year around November and December and NOUN convocation is once (mostly every January).


So everything is “TIMING” .  You need to plan and prepare ahead of time if you’re about to enter 400level in National Open University of Nigeria to be able to see your name on the next graduation list.


Speaking from experience, it’s best one presents or submit his or her project topics at early stage of his or her 400 Level first semester so as to complete the process in time. Project takes a lot of time to complete whether you’re writing it yourself or you hire project agent to assist you. That’s why we said “Timing”  is also important.


Although project writing is a 400 Level second semester course, it’s allowed and better done or started in 400 Level first semester after you’re done with your seminar. Some students even work on their seminar and project simultaneously. 


Some study centres or departments like ICT will ask you to round up your seminar (CIT403 Seminar on emerging technologies) before you can start your project while some allow you to do all at the same time so inquire from your centre on time.




1. NOUN has much population and so it takes time to approve topics as well as assign supervisors in batches. So submit your project topics on time to be able to get assigned to a supervisor. You can read about how to get and present your project topics to your study centre here.



2. Some supervisors can be too demanding and busy, thus slowing down the speed of your Research work. Try your best to “sort”  him/her from time to time in terms of gifts like wine, airtime, data subscriptions or even more (Speaking from experience) to make them happy and to give you more attention and process your project faster.

gift for teachers

3. It’s better to complete your Research Project in your first semester so as to face your course work in your second semester. Embarking on research work might demand more time for its completion.


4. Submitting your project in time facilitates your name being enlisted early in the graduation list when you are through with all your exams and other core course requirements like GST302 and seminar.

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