How to activate NOUN GroupChat Notifications on NounGeeks

noun groupchat

Hello Nounites, you can now receive group chat notifications when someone posts any update in any of the NOUN groups you belonged to on the platform.



Enabling NOUN GROUP CHAT notifications is very useful and important so that you will know what your course mates are currently discussing about in the school’s group or if you need help and you posts to the group’s status, other group members will get the notification and reply.



With that in mind, we urge all students to login to their accounts and set up their group chat notifications, to do that, follow these simple steps below:





1) Login to your account and click on any NOUN group you already belonged to, then click on the first menu icon to expand just like on the picture below:


noun groupchat




2) Now scroll down to “Email options” and click on it.


noun groupchat



3) It will open up and then you can select how often you want to be receiving email notifications on that particular group’s updates, after selecting your preferred choice, please click “save settings



noun groupchat



That’s it, you will be receiving notifications on any update that is posted in any of your NOUN groups, check below to see how it works;


noun groupchat



Depending on how frequent you want to be receiving group updates, it will arrive per your settings in your mailbox.



noun groupchat





If you join any new group chat henceforth, you will be getting the notifications automatically, no need to perform the above steps unless you want to change the frequency on how often you want to be notified.



We urge all old members on the platform to do this so that everyone can be carried along, if you experience any issues on the platform, kindly let us know, thank you!



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How to activate/login to NOUN GST Portal

noun gst portal

After we posted that the GST portal for 2021_2 semester is now active, some new students were confused and started asking, “which one is gst portal again? “

noun student

National open university of Nigeria (NOUN) have different websites for different purposes. 



For example, the PAS portal handles project and seminar submissions etc for senior/final year students, is the main students’ portal for all NOUN students.¬†



All TMAs are solved on EXCEPT gst TMAs which you can solve only on it’s website, that is the GST portal and the link to the GST portal is


As a fresher, you need to activate your gst portal for the first time before you can login, to do that, follow the steps below.



How to activate/login to NOUN GST Portal



If it’s your first time logging into elearn, visit the site via



1. Put your phone in auto rotate mode if you’re using an android phone or change to desktop site view to see the login icon.



2. Enter your matric number (small letters) as your USERNAME, (use your matric number e.g nou190000019) and also as your PASSWORD, (use your matric number e.g nou190000019) then click login.


The page will load and display: ‚ÄúAn administrator has required that you change your password”.

Please change your password to proceed. When you get the above message, be happy because you are still on the track.



3. On the option to enter current password still enter your matric number in¬† ‚Äúcurrent password‚ÄĚ column.



4. Scroll down to locate where it is written “password” and enter a new password of your choice (make sure to use password you can easily remember)



5. Underneath, you will see “confirm password”, re-enter the new password you entered on stage 4, now you have successfully activated your Elearn account and Login.



If you’ve followed the above steps but still get “INVALID LOGIN NOTICE” then see why and what to do below;


noun gst portal


All those getting the invalid login notice and registered late August should exercise patience as the portal for those will be activated soon.


Anyone aside the above mentioned should send a mail to attached with their Exam registration slip.


If you need further assistance with logging in to your gst portal kindly let us know.


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Benefits of Distance Learning

distance learning

According  to Merriam Webster, distance learning is a method of study where teachers and students do not meet in a classroom but use the Internet, e-mail, online facilitation etc., to have classes.

“Simply put, distance learning is when students are separated from teachers/lecturers and peers.”

Don’t let anyone deceive you or try to discourage you from getting your degree through distance learning mode like National Open University of Nigeria.

distance learning

There are lots of reasons why distance learning is simply the best, i will list some of those reasons in this article.



1. Study anywhere in the world

You’re not constrained to choose a university near your hometown or in a city you wouldn’t mind living in.

Because your learning is delivered online you don’t have to stay in one place throughout your degree. You can travel or move towns and not disrupt your education.

south south noun centre

In National open university of Nigeria, you can easily change your study centre to your new location if need be.



2. You don’t need to put your life on hold

It’s possible to fit your education around all your other responsibilities.

I know students who volunteer, care for family members or raise children. I know one woman who homeschools her children while studying herself and another who continued her degree even while pregnant and then studied while caring for her newborn baby.


Lots of students are able to work part time or even full time while studying. This means you’ll graduate with years of valuable work experience.

If you’ve been able to work while studying you may get a head start against other students applying for the same jobs after university.


Are you keen to move out of home, or start saving for travelling or even a mortgage ‚Äď you can do all this and more while studying.



3. Study when and how you want


This is the motto of our great institution (National Open University of Nigeria).


Because the majority of your study will be independent and flexible, you can choose when in your day and week you study.

Maybe you’re an early bird and perform better in the mornings before work or your family wakes up. Or maybe (like me) you’re a night owl and would prefer to study in the evenings.


distance learning


Similarly, maybe you find you achieve more by studying little and often, 30-60 minutes every day. Or maybe you can only study in long bursts so prefer to get through your workload at the weekend. With distance learning, when you study is up to you.



4. Save time travelling to university

You won’t have to spend time travelling to and from face-to-face classes.

As your studying is completed online you’ll be able to save time and spend this extra time getting more done or relaxing.



5. Gain extra skills

Distance learning teaches you to work independently, prioritize your workload, problem solve, motivate yourself and persevere even when you just want to give up.

These skills are crazy valuable for your career or future studies.



6. Lower costs

Distance learning courses are often cheaper than those at traditional campus universities.

Lower costs mean lower final debt. Or it may even mean you’re able to pay off some or all of your education as you study.


Do you know if you got admission in other schools in a different state you will also look for accommodation and pay other basic bills you need to set up but in distance learning like NOUN, all  you need is a good phone/pc with data.

distance learning



7. Study in your pyjamas

I’ve left the best until last. If you want to study in your pyjamas, you can!

(Just make sure you remember to put some real clothes on if you video chat with your tutor or during online facilitation!)

So once I’ve decided  that distance learning was right for me I had to choose my university.

distance learning


I researched lots of institutions online but a lot of them lacked what I really wanted.


Distance learning is a lot more flexible than traditional face-to-face studying or regular studying. But lots of providers weren’t flexible enough for me.


Some only offered compulsory modules so I would have no choice in modules. Others were strict with how long you had to complete a degree. And I couldn’t find many that allowed for breaks in your study either.


I then was advised to apply in National open university Nigeria since I have some experience in regular university and work. so looked it up online.

After reviewing and learning the system for some months I knew this was where I wanted to study so I called a friend of mine  and spoke to her on how I can register and she answered all my questions and got me signed up within 24 hours at one of the study centres in Abuja with the help of my faculty officer.


Everything happened so quickly. I rushed to buy stationery.  I went home and was much excited about my decision to study at Noun and my successful admission.



I was actually terrified of going back to school because work and business has shifted my focus though I love education and I always place myself to personal development.


If you meet me and I didn’t tell you I’m not a graduate, you won’t know because I always try to be ahead with technology and knowledge which inspired me to be a website designer, digital marketing and business consultant  but I knew everything would be different this time.


I still didn‚Äôt know how to study effectively with National open university of Nigeria since it’s a unique university, but my mindset has changed especially for distance learning since i joined a platform like NounGeeks that always guide NOUN students and put them through the whole learning process.


I had dropped my passion to study at Akwa ibom state university  and was determined to work my butt off at National open university of Nigeria.


I chose to study with  NOUN because it has all the benefits of distance learning I just described. But it also has many more.

I’m a tourism student from Abuja study centre, you can visit my profile and add me as friends, you can also connect with other Nounites on NounGeeks when you sign up on the platform.


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noun school

These are partial guidelines, and remember you are to submit it at your desk officer’s office.



It entails your full name, Matric number, Course title/code, Department & Faculty, Date. 




The General view of what teaching practice is all about, your encounter with the pupils/students, the school management  etc.. 




Imbalance timetable, inter house sports preparation, over population, mastering of Teaching subjects etc.



List out some suggestions eg. The school Head should provide office Accommodations for Student Teachers etc.




List out questions based on the subject you taught them. For example; 

  • Basic science:

i. What is water? 



i. Water is a liquid substance that is colourless, odorless and tasteless. 



NOTE:  You are to Spiral bind Two copies of your report, attached with two(2) CDs and Your Six(6) weeks lesson Plan.

Your report shouldn’t be bulky, just go straight to the point.

Source – MIS, NOUN

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National Open University of Nigeria project format

noun school

 Follow these instructions and the steps below to write your NOUN project, you can also download the pdf copy of it at the end of the post for offline reading.


Notice for Bachelor of Science project. 

It can be:

  1. Adaptation of already available design or knowledge.

  2. Implementation of small working system using available knowledge/design.

  3. Required to show ability to make minor modiÔ¨Ācations to available knowledge/design usually in the dimension of a unit or idea that is already in use.

Useful websites for CSE Research:

¬†You will Ô¨Ānd the following website very useful during your research;




  4. Goggle on Cambridge Advanced learners Dictionary

  5. Goggle on Wikipedia

 You are to select a project topic. You will be required to defend your research work.

   In writing your project, the following must be adhered to strictly: 

  1. Documents must be properly formatted using the acceptable University/ Departmental format especially the PREFATORY pages.

  1. Mechanical accuracy

  2. Font type: Times New Roman, point size 12, Double spacing

  3. Page layout: left margin:1.5’’, Right, Top and bottom margins1’’

  4.  Paper type: A4, 80gms weight.

  5. All references must be cited and all citations must be referenced using APA Referencing style (6thEdition / 2018/2019 Edition of APA referencing)

  6. Reference materials must not be later than 2009. i.e. <11years ago.

  7. Abstracts are written after the project is completed.

  8. The format for writing abstract is as follows:

Introduction of the subject along with the aim and statement of the problem, followed by the methodology employed, the results obtained (numerical summary if applicable), and finally conclusion.


  Your project topic must be innovative, current, solve real life problems relevant to the immediate society, where you work, live and /or the country.

Project guideline:

(i) Title page:

        This indicates the degree to be awarded, the awarding institution,         students name and matriculation numbers, department, month and year of   submission of the project. This should be brief and clearly stated.



(ii) Approval Page:

   This page contains the names, dates, and signatures of the supervisor(s) of the project, head of department, external examiner, and the dean of  faculty. It should also contain an attestation of the originality of the student’s research report by the board of examiners.


(iii) Dedication:

        In this page, the researcher dedicates his/her work to any individual(s)  dear to him/her as a kind of tribute.


 (iv) Acknowledgement:

        This page is used to express gratitude to those who provided one form of assistance or the other during the period of the research.


(v) Abstract: 

   This is a brief summary of the purpose of the study, research methodology, major findings and recommendations. It is presented in one paragraph and one page.

 (vi) Table of Contents:

    This is a list of the various elements of the report from preliminary to    final section, sequentially arranged and indicating the pages where such chapters and subheadings can be located.


  (vii) List of Tables:

      This is similar to table of contents. It indicates the page number of tables presented in the report, for easy location. The tables are serially numbered.



  (viii)  List of figures:

  This is similar to the list of tables and contents. It indicates the page numbers of figures presented in the report. The figures are also serially        numbered.

Chapter one: Introduction

  This chapter is the introduction of the entire report. Here you present the historical background of the study. The rationale behind the work is explained in this chapter. It states the reason for choosing the given research problem which is of general area of concern. Here you convince your readers that there is a problem which you want to solve.

 This chapter should be divided as follows;

  • ¬† Background of the study

   Here, the researcher gives a general description of the area of study. In doing so, he tries to paint a scenario depicting an ideal and perfect state of affair in the area of study.


  • Statement of problem¬†

  Here, the researcher shows dissatisfaction in the existing system and the need for it to be remedied. The problem should therefore be clearly and unambiguously stated. The researcher has to show evidence that the problem really exists and how this problem can also remain a general problem in the larger area of concern.


  • Motivation

The researcher justifies the need for working on the subject matter.


  • Aims and Objectives

  The researcher states the aims/objective of the research. What the research will achieve if successfully completed.


  • Purpose of the Study

This is where the reason of the research is stated i.e. the intended solution i.e. what the research is to achieve or solve. State reasons why you want to spend your time, resource, energy, strength in carrying out research.


  • Significance of the Study

  State the worth or value of your research. You state or show its contribution to knowledge. State the use of the study when it is successfully completed. Will this study be worth the amount of resources about to be committed into it? There is need here for a sentence that will sell the outcome of the study to the probable consumers.


  • Organization of the Work

Here, the researcher states the chapter by chapter and section by section arrangement of the study report.


  • Definition of Terms¬† ¬†

The investigator tries to define all the unfamiliar concepts or terms in his report so that his reader can easily follow his discourse without much difficulty. The terms should be clearly defined in the language every reader can understand. It is always helpful to arrange the terms or concepts in alphabetical order so as to make for a more meaningful reading.

Chapter Two: Literature Review

  To select a research problem the investigator has to review related literature so that he can learn about the previous studies which have been carried out in this area of interest.

  By going through the previous work already accomplished in his area of study, the investigator can now discover the theoretical framework upon which his new research work will be based. 

  When conducting literature review we can either paraphrase it or quote the passage. In paraphrasing, the reviewer writes in reported speech i.e. reporting in his own words. But in quoting, indenting of the passage is done. By indenting, the passage is typed (single space) at the center of the page leaving appreciable margin on each of the two sides.

Chapter Three: Research Methodology

‚Äź¬†Design consideration

‚Äź¬†Design architecture

‚Äź This is a plan showing how information associated with a given research¬† ¬†problem should be collected and analyzed. In other words, it is a plan of an investigation aimed at identifying variables and relationship with one another. ¬†

Chapter Four: Implementation and Evaluation

‚Äź¬†System Hardware Requirement

‚Äź¬†¬†System Software Requirement

‚Äź¬†Data source

‚Äź¬†Implementation procedure


‚Äź¬†Sample Implementation input snapshot

‚Äź¬†Sample implementation output snapshot

‚Äź¬†Evaluation results

‚Äź¬†Discussion of results


Chapter Five:  Discussion and Conclusion

‚Äź¬†Summary of results


‚Äź Recommendation: to recommends based on his/her results and his/her findings¬†to the generality of his readers.

‚Äź Suggestion(s) for future Research: made for other investigations to carry out research in the related area.¬†

References (APA Style)


 Source Code


That’s the format for writing NOUN project, you can¬† download the pdf copy of this project format by clicking here.


There’s love in sharing


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How to upload NOUN project & seminar online

noun pas portal

After submission of your  completed NOUN project and seminar to your supervisor, you also need to upload it online on the PAS portal for grading.

The PAS portal handles final year students’ projects, seminars, teaching practice etc.

Follow the steps below to learn how to upload your final year project/seminar on the PAS portal.


noun pas portal

    How to upload NOUN project/seminar on the PAS portal.

  1. Visit the PAS website via and click login. noun pas portal

  2.  You will be redirected to the old gst site or the NOUN website that you uploaded your IT logbook/IT report at You will use your details from that site( to login to your PAS portal. 

  3. Once logged in, you can then use any of the links displayed on your dashboard to add a submission depending on what you want to upload, project, seminar or practicum. noun pas portal

  4. So i want to upload my project and i clicked on “add a project submission” , the next page that will display is where you will fill in your project information just like on the picture below, take your time to fill the form to avoid mistakes. noun pas portal

  5. Then at the bottom, select your project level, upload the softcopy from your¬† phone or pc not more than 15mb and make sure you saved your project’s softcopy with the appropriate file format, eg; pdf, doc, docx before uploading.
    noun pas portal Then click save and you’re done. You can also preview, edit and view your submission from the links available from there.

 If you have any questions or need further assistance on this, you can contact us or use the comment section below. You can also join our platform for more NOUN tips.



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Getting Ready for the new semester (NOUN)


¬†¬†As we’re gradually getting ready for the full resumption of the new 2021_2 semester, there are somethings you need to know as a new NOUN student.



   We at NounGeeks took our time to write this article to enable new students understand how to properly move forward to the new semester without much stress as we do follow the same procedure with our studies at the National Open University of Nigeria.

Check out: McCarthy study centre E-exam timetable is out.


  Admission is currently open for aspiring students to apply from 100level to 800level at the National Open University of Nigeria, when we say 800level it means Msc, PgD, MBA or any other level of study that is higher than or any undergraduate programmes in NOUN.


¬†¬†Returning students (old students) you have to re-register your NOUN student’s portal on the school’s website via this link¬†to activate your portal for the new semester.


¬†¬†Please note that activating your portal for the new semester does not involve any form of payment whatsoever, you can easily do it yourself by clicking on the link above which will direct you to NOUN website, there you’ll fill in your personal details and submit just like on the picture below.noun portal registration

¬†¬†This is an opportunity for you to change your portal’s password or email if that’s what you wanna do too, then submit, after that you will see a “SUCCESS” message displayed, then you can proceed to login.

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¬† ¬†¬†If you don’t activate your portal for the new semester you will not be able to login to your portal soon, so remember to do the needful.





¬† Again listen carefully, after you’re done with your portal activation for the new semester you can start to load your portal’s wallet with money.


¬† It’s not compulsory to pay all your NOUN school fees once if you don’t have the complete fees with you at the moment. Even if the total amount you’re to pay is 50k or 45k as a returning student but what you have now is 5k, you can generate remita for that 5k and go to the bank and pay then load it into your portal.




¬† ¬†¬†You can generate as many remita payment as you want irrespective of the amount you have at hand till you’re sure you have completed the total amount you need to pay for the semester before registering, it’s not compulsory to pay all once if you’re paying big amount of money.


   That is one of the flexibility of the National Open University of Nigeria , meanwhile remember to keep all your remita payment receipts you have on each payment safe.





  Once you have your funds ready in your portal, do not rush to register your courses and exams for the new semester till NOUN releases results for the just concluded semester so that you will know if you have any carryover you need to fix into the new semester without exceeding your credit units.



¬† ¬†We at NounGeeks follows these steps each semester of our studies especially the part that we wait for the release of previous results before registering our courses and exams for the new semester so we don’t have carryovers waiting for us to come back to later on in the future, but if you don’t want, feel free to do it your way though.



  We wish you success with your NOUN studies, If you have any questions feel free to contact us or use the comment section below.


  You can also register on our platform for more useful NOUN tips and get notified on important school updates, meet other NOUN students from any  NOUN study centre and department.


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national open university of nigeria logo

¬† ¬†For the award of a Bachelor’s Degree from 100L, you must run your programme within a minimum of eight(8) semesters (4years) or maximum of sixteen (16) semesters (8years).


 For direct entry, students must obtain a minimum TCE of 90-credit units depending on your programme, a minimum of six (6) semesters (3 years) or maximum of twelve (12) semesters (6 years), excluding the General Studies (GST) Courses.





(1) The maximum semesters starts counting from the year you were admitted, if you abandoned your studies for too many semesters, you may not be awarded a degree certificate.

House of Reps to dissolve the NYSC programme.

(2) Students are required to pass at least one elective course in a semester. They must also pass 18 CU (credit units) of GST Courses as specified by the Senate.




DIRECTOR: This the head of the study center and should be met only on special occasions.


COUNSELOR: Students Counselor is your best friend in National Open University of Nigeria. He/She has the answer to 95% of your questions about your studies.


FACULTY DESK OFFICER: At higher levels you’d always need the assistance of your faculty officer; TP, IT or otherwise.



ACCOUNTANT: This person checks and clears students for proper registrations and payments for examination purposes.


IT OFFICER: This person has 80% solution to any issues you may encounter in NOUN; resetting passwords, resetting admission forms, and many other IT related activities you may not be able to do.

LIBRARIANS/STOCK KEEPER: This person gives you all the hardcopy/textbooks of your registered courses per semester.



 Just like SUBJECTS (English, Mathematics, French, etc) in secondary schools, a course is a major content segment comprising topics in a particular subject. At NOUN, multiple of courses that make up a programme of study leading to a degree qualification.


 The abbreviations that distinguishes one course from the another. This should be understood to mean quantitative system of organisation of the curriculum in which subject areas are broken down into unit courses which are examinable and for which students earn credit(s) if passed.

How to apply for NYSC exemption letter (NOUN)

 The courses are arranged in progressive order of difficulty or in levels of academic progress, e.g. Level 1 or year 1 courses are 101, 102 etc. and Level II or Year II courses are 201, 202 etc. The National Open University of Nigeria also has a policy of odd number representing first semester and even number representing second semester.



 A Credit is the unit of measurement for a course. At NOUN, 1 credit unit is estimated to be the equivalent of 7 study units. A 1 credit unit course is estimated to take *30 study hours* to complete and is broken down as follows: 

Study time- 21 hours, TMA-3 hours, and Facilitation-6 hours.


A Semester is an academic period of twelve weeks, excluding examination period. NOUN offers two semesters of study per year: January to March and July to September.


 A course which every student must compulsorily take and pass in any particular programme at a particular level of study.


 A course that you take within or outside the faculty. You may graduate without passing the course provided the minimum credit unit for the course had been attained.


A programme comprise of prescribed courses offered at different levels of study. It also refers to a particular field of study made up of courses e.g. Bachelors programme in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution. At NOUN, a programme of study leading to adegree qualification is made up of general, compulsory and elective courses.



¬†Tutor/Computer Marked Assignment is an electronic form of assessment conducted to ascertain the level of students academic performances. It carries 30 marks split into three parts (TMA 1-3), each part carries 10 marks. You’re expected to submit AT LEAST two of the three TMAs in order to qualify for examination and see your result for that course. Read more on TMA here.


¬†Pen on Paper is a form of examination conducted for students from third year (300L) and above. The write on paper using pen/biro. It’s totally offline examination.


¬†Computer Based Examinations is an electronic form of examination comprising of Objectives and Subjectives. It’s conducted for students from first year (100L) to second year (200L).


When you fail a course, that’s when you score below 40, it’s called carryover course and you’ll be required to rewrite and pass such course in order to qualify for graduation.


This means NO EXAMS. It’s a remark given to students who missed their exams or who wrote exams but didn’t submit.


This means NO TMA. A remark given to students who missed TWO TMAs out of the three or the entire 3 TMAs.


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Almost everyday we receive this question from students and aspiring NOUN students that wants to know before applying for admission in the school.


¬†¬†We won’t just answer this question in this article, we’ll also tell you more about the National Open University Of Nigeria(NOUN) and why you should apply and study at the institution.¬†



  NOUN is currently among the best schools in Nigeria. According to a recent research, in a few years time NOUN will be the best and first choice for tertiary education among the teeming Nigerian youths.

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¬† ¬†National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) is not a “part time” school. NOUN is a full time school with a different or unique mode of learning for it’s students, NOUN is a federal university that is fully accredited by the NUC. By its nature as an open and distance learning(ODL) institution, NOUN does not provide lectures to students in normal classrooms. The world is moving fast to an ICT age where everything is now done on the internet.


noun school


  • NOUN is very flexible, you have the opportunity to work and learn, i don’t think you can do that comfortably with other universities in Nigeria.

  • No jamb/post-utme stress or whatever they call it now. All NOUN want is atleast¬† a minimum of 5 credit passes in your O-level certificate.

  • No bribes or sorting of¬†lecturer for grades. what you see is what you wrote. TMA is automated, E-exam also automated then comes POP exam that you don’t know who marks your exam scripts.

  • NOUN is immune to alot of things that affects students in Nigeria¬† like ASUU (We don’t know what is Asuu strike here , Even the covid-19 outbreak didn’t affect NOUN like other universities in Nigeria) NOUN introduced Virtual exams, you sit at home and write your exams on your PC. noun immunity

  • If you follow your studies diligently and pay your school fees on time, in 4years time you will graduate.


¬† Stop listening to people who don’t know anything about NOUN to discourage you, it’s ignorance and their inability to adapt to change. With NOUN certificate you can apply for any position in any industry you want anywhere in Nigeria and abroad.


  Admission is currently open for 2021_2 semester, you can apply now, you can as well recommend your friends to apply. If you need help to kick start your own admission processes or other NOUN enquiries you can  contact us.


 Register with us for more NOUN updates and be able to download NOUN past questions for free.


We wish you the best of luck with your NOUN studies.




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national open university of nigeria logo

¬† Follow these simple steps to apply for your PGD transcript, we’ve posted how to apply for undergraduate transcript earlier.. you can read more about it from here.


The steps for applying for postgraduate transcripts  are outlined below:

  • Please note that transcripts are not sent to individuals but academic institutions.


  • If a transcript applicant wants his/her transcript to be sent to a non-academic or corporate organisation like a bank, an NGO, an MDA, etc, he/she would have to request the organisation to write on his/her behalf to the ‚ÄúThe Secretary, School of Postgraduate Studies‚Ķ‚ÄĚ in its letter-headed paper and duly signed by the appropriate Officer.


  • Approved transcript processing fee for local destinations is N10,000, while international destinations is N25,000.

Check out: Noun course material Summaries.

  • Payment is only to be made via the¬†Remita¬†platform at¬†¬† as follows:


  • ¬†WHO DO YOU WANT TO PAY TO¬†(type ‚ÄúNational Open University of Nigeria‚ÄĚ).


  • NAME OF SERVICE/PURPOSE (select ‚ÄúMiscellaneous Income‚ÄĚ or ‚ÄúOthers‚ÄĚ).


  • Purpose of Payment (type ‚ÄúPostgraduate Transcript‚ÄĚ); enter other relevant details, and pay online or in the bank.

Read also: NOUN seminar presentation tips

  • Payment of cash or any additional amount outside the aforementioned approved fee to any official of the University is prohibited.


  • A transcript applicant is to fill the fields provided in the transcript application page and upload the following: a copy of the certificate/notification of result,¬†Remita¬†receipt, application letter from a corporate body (if applicable) and transcript label (if applicable).


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  • The Transcript Desk of the School of Postgraduate Studies could also be reached through the above email and our dedicated telephone line: 0811-503-2088 (calls only between 9am ‚Äď 4pm, on working days).


  • Processing time is 5 ‚Äď 15 working days: by this time we shall endeavour to process the applications for posting.


  • The arrival of prepared transcripts at¬†chosen destinations will depend on the location.

      If you have paid and obtained the Remita receipt, click here to commence transcript application on the school website.


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How To Apply For Undergraduate Transcript (NOUN)


What is a Transcript?

  When students change schools, or seek admission to a different college or university, the official transcript is usually mailed from school to school.

¬† A transcript is a copy of a student’s permanent academic record, which usually means all courses taken, all grades received, from¬†the first day of school to the current school year.

 An official transcript is prepared and sent by the issuing school usually by the Student Registrar with an original signature of a school official on the school letterhead and is sealed by the school.



   Payment is only to be made via the Remita platform at              as follows:

  • Click on¬†Pay FGN and State TSA.

  • Who do you want to Pay to¬†(type ‚ÄúNational Open University of Nigeria‚ÄĚ);

  • Name of Service /Purpose¬†(select ‚ÄúMiscellaneous Income‚ÄĚ or ‚ÄúOthers‚ÄĚ);

  • Purpose of Payment (type ‚ÄúUndergraduate Transcript‚ÄĚ); enter other relevant details, and pay online or in the bank.

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  • Please fill in your details (phone number and e-mail address in the appropriate boxes).

  • Amount to be paid should be indicated. (Transcript within Nigeria is N10, 000 only, and outside Nigeria is N20, 000 only).

  • Payment of cash or any additional amount outside the aforementioned approved fee to any official of the university is prohibited.

  • REMITA¬†will send a mail to your e-mail account, print out and take to any bank for payment.

  • Attach the¬†Remita payment slip and the bank payment teller to the transcript application.

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  • The transcript application should be addressed to The Registrar, National Open University of Nigeria, Plot 91, Nnamdi Azikiwe Expressway, Cadastral Zone, Jabi, Abuja.¬†¬†Or all documents scanned and sent to:¬†


  • The application should include all necessary details of the applicant (Full name of applicant, Matriculation number, programme, Faculty, Year of graduation, full address of destination, and designation of recipient (e.g. The Secretary, The Dean).


  • Attach a photocopy of your¬†National Open University of Nigeria Certificate.

  • Contacts: 08079618970, 08167424141

  If you have paid and obtained the necessary documents, click here to commence your transcript application online via the school website.


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