Do NOUN Students Receive Lectures?


Yes!, NOUN students receive lectures.


How Do NOUN Students Receive Lectures?


The National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) provides educational instruction to its students through various methods, which may include digital lectures, online resources, and other forms of distance learning.

How Do NOUN Students Receive Lectures

Studying at the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) is similar to the process of registering for the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) exams.


Once you have successfully registered for a semester at NOUN, you have the option to find a NOUN tutorial centre near your location and enroll in order to receive lectures and connect with fellow students.


NOUN tutorial centres serve as physical learning spaces where students can attend lectures and interact with tutors and other students.


Just like jamb tutorial centres, NOUN tutorial centres are owned by private individuals or private tutors who charge students mostly per semester to enroll with them and receive physical lectures.

How Do NOUN Students Receive Lectures

These centres are established in various locations to provide convenience and accessibility to NOUN students across Nigeria.


They are designed to support distance learning and offer a face-to-face learning experience to NOUN students.


Benefits of Attending Lectures at  NOUN Tutorial Centres


Attending lectures at a NOUN tutorial center provides several advantages;


  • Firstly, it offers a structured learning environment where students can engage with course materials and receive guidance from experienced tutors. These tutors are well-versed in the curriculum and are equipped to assist students in understanding the course content.

How Do NOUN Students Receive Lectures

  • Secondly, interacting with other students at the tutorial centre allows for collaborative learning. Students can discuss course topics, share insights, and exchange ideas, fostering a sense of community among NOUN students. This interaction can help enhance the learning experience and provide opportunities for networking and building study groups.


Furthermore, the NOUN tutorial centres often employ various teaching methods and resources to facilitate effective learning.


They may utilize multimedia presentations, educational technologies, and practical demonstrations to supplement the course materials and enhance understanding.


It is important to note that while attending lectures at a NOUN tutorial centre is an option, it is not mandatory for all students.


NOUN is primarily a distance learning institution, and it provides course materials in various formats, including printed materials, multimedia resources, and online platforms.


Students who are unable to attend the tutorial centres can still engage with the course content and complete their studies remotely.


How To Locate NOUN Tutorial Centres


1.  Visit Your Study Centre during Exam Period


During exam periods or when students gather at the study centre for any reason, it becomes a prime opportunity to locate NOUN tutorial centres.


Many tutorial centre agents take advantage of these occasions to advertise and enroll students. Keep an eye out for these agents who often hang around the study centre premises, ready to provide information about their services.


2.  Seek Recommendations from NOUN Staffs


The NOUN staffs at your study centre can be an excellent source of information regarding nearby tutorial centres.


Approach them and inquire if they have any recommendations or knowledge of tutorial centres in the vicinity. They may have insights about reputable centres that other students have found helpful in the past.


3.  Connect with Other Students


Engaging with fellow NOUN students is a valuable strategy for discovering tutorial centres.


Strike up conversations with your peers at the study centre, especially those who are already affiliated with tutorial centres.


They can share their experiences, recommend reliable tutorial centres, and provide insights into the quality of tutorials offered.


4.  Utilize Online Forums and Groups


Online platforms, such as social media groups and forums dedicated to NOUN students, can be valuable resources for finding tutorial centres.

How Do NOUN Students Receive Lectures

Join relevant groups and communities where students actively discuss their learning experiences.


Post inquiries about tutorial centres in your area, and chances are you will receive recommendations and advice from students who have firsthand knowledge.


In summary, NOUN students have the opportunity to register for a semester and attend lectures at a NOUN tutorial centre.


These centres provide physical learning spaces where students can receive guidance from tutors, interact with peers, and supplement their distance learning experience.


However, it is essential to remember that attending the tutorial centres is optional, and NOUN provides various resources for students to study remotely as well.

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