The National Open University of Nigeria’s Law graduates, led by the Dean, Faculty of Law, Dr. Ernest O. Ugbejeh have presented the former Vice-Chancellor, Professor Abdalla Uba Adamu with the “Best VC 2020” award.


The award, according to them, was borne out of Adamu’s enormous positive impacts in NOUN, in general and the Faculty of Law, in particular during his tenure.


Adamu, in his acceptance speech at the ceremony on Thursday, June 2, 2022, appreciated the team for taking time out to travel all the way to the ancient city of Kano for the presentation, which he referred to as “absolutely a wonderful award.” 


He narrated that upon assumption of office as the VC, he made personal pledge to God to do his best in the service of the NOUN.


Adamu, who went down the memory lane, added that the case of NOUN Law graduates was a major sore finger that needed urgent healing.


He explained that they committed everything to it to ensure an effective resolution within the period of his tenure. 

The former VC stated that while they were at it, many people including some of the Law graduates doubted the possibility of achieving the set goal, which was to get all of the students into the Law School.


He added that the pessimism stemmed from their dislike or opposition to our peaceful and constitutional approach towards the resolution of the impasse.


Adamu added that they preferred a combative route that would pitch the university against the Nigerian Law School. The Council for Legal Education, the National Universities Commission, Ministry of Education and Justice and even the the Presidency.


He expressed his appreciation to the Almighty God that the doubters were made to believe following the event of 2019 through 2021, which culminated in the passing of the Amended Act of the university by the two chambers of the National Assembly.


“The assent to the the amendment by the President, the Gazetting of the Amended Act by the Federal Government of Nigeria and admission into Law School.


“Many partners and friends of the university played a vital role in helping us achieved the milestone.” 

At the very important and emotional event, Adamu appreciated and  Late, Mr. Elex E. Okonofua, “a gentleman, mobiliser a conciliator, a salient achiever and smooth operator.


“When we started the journey, there were about five different groups of NOUN Law graduates pushing your interest in the university. While I salute their good intentions, I must say at once that most of them constituted a big distraction to the struggles but Late Alex E. Okonofua was different.” 


Moreover, the former VC admitted that he had wanted, during his tenure as the Vice-Chancellor from 2016 to 2021, to enable masters and PhD degrees in Law, since enrollment in such continuing education is not vocational and is not vocational requirement for Law School. 

noun law graduates
Former NOUN Vice-Chancellor receiving his Award

He, therefore, maintained that he has every confidence that his successor the current Vice-Chancellor, Professor Olufemi Peters, will do all he can to ensure that such programmes are provided for not just NOUN Law graduates but also the Law graduates from other universities. 


Earlier in his remarks, the Dean of Faculty of Law, Dr. Ernest O. Ugbejeh, expressed his pleasure on the “special occasion to organise and honour a scholar, an excellent administrator,open-minded personality, a role model, and excellent administrator.” 


He said the history of the Faculty of Law and Law graduates can never be written without repeatedly mentioning of Professor Adamu’s contributions. The dean said that “throughout the tenure of the former VC there was never a request I made that was rejected.” 


He added that his generosity brought democracy to NOUN and had never interfered in the electioneering process of deans and HOD’s Ugbejeh explained that on the issue of admission of law graduates, the former VC “was deadly committed to the course.” 


The dean thanked him for his uncommon commitment towards ensuring the admission of Law graduates; “this has clearly shown the extend of his humility. 

“Therefore, with the uncommon contributions to the Faculty of Law and all the NOUN graduates agreed that we must personally visit you after leaving office as the VC to present this award as token of appreciation. 


“We are glad to report that our students performed excellently well during their remedial programme.” 


The dean added that the seed of the journey to Law School was sown by Professor Vincent Ado Tenebe, which was cultivated and harvested by Professor Abdalla Uba Adamu and is currently being watered and sustained by the current Vice-Chancellor, Professor Olufemi Peters. 


On his part, the President, NOUN Law Graduates, Mr. Jide Bello, in his remarks, appreciated the efforts of the former VC for the job well done. 

“We, therefore, deemed it necessary to appreciate you by recognizing your effort. Moreover, 1,300 NOUN graduates are presently in Law School,” Bello said. 


The Vice President, NOUN Law Graduates, North-west Law students, HOD and lecturers from the Bayero University, Kano (BUK), Faculty of Communication and a host of other well wishers all graced the special occasion. 



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