A lot of new students keep asking how to download NOUN past questions or files on our website, read on it’s very simple…But,


To download any NOUN past questions or files on NounGeeks, you MUST first create your own account on the platform.


With that out of the way, proceed below to learn how to download past questions on the platform.





1. Login to your account and click on the top left menu icon to display all the links to any past questions page, as you can see on the picture below, we have past questions (POP), past questions (E-exams) and then we also have GST past questions links.


noun past questions



Now depending on your level of study, E-exam (100level-200Level) or POP (300level and above) click on the link to your level to display it’s available courses that we have uploaded. 


GST past questions link is also listed there, you can click on it to go to GST past questions page to download any GST past questions.


For instance, I’m in 100level and i want to download BIO101 past questions. What i will do is to click on “Download Past questions (E-exams)” link, check the picture above.



2. After that, on the next page scroll down to “BIO COURSES” and click on it. (you can also download other courses from here just by clicking the course’s link)


noun past questions



3. Now you can download any bio past questions for your e-exams.


noun past questions


And that’s it! You can go back and click other courses and enter their pages to download each of their past questions, any file you didn’t see, you can request for it and we will have it uploaded.



If you want to download POP past questions, click on the POP past questions link just like you did for E-exam and all the “Course codes” will be displayed, then navigate to what you want and download. 


It’s very simple and straightforward process, we  made it this way to make it easier to get what you want without much stress, you can also find more useful links to other features on NounGeeks just by clicking on the top left menu icon.




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