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Investigators need to keep a healthy skepticism: even confessions don’t always mean guilt-  Latest methods of scientific detection are used to uncover truths about a crime scene to reveal how crimes were committed and who was responsible for them.

Some Key exam words and how to use them to ensure perfect scores.

Some of the key words includes:

1. Juvenile
Juvenile is a child or young person between the age of 0-17. There is a separate justice system and law set up to handle their case.

The justice system is called *juvenile justice system*

2. *CYPA*
CYPA is the law used in juvenile justice system to handle children/juvenile matters. Not criminal law which is for adult.

In juvenile justice system CYPA is used in place of criminal law.
CYPA fully means Children and young persons act.

3. *Hearing*
In juvenile justice system court, children/ juvenile matters are *heard* not tried.
Here, it is hearing, not trial like adult court.

So, don’t use trial in this course Exam. We use juvenile court in juvenile justice system.

4. Protection/corrective training.
The main aim of juvenile justice system and the CYPA law, is to protect juveniles from harsh treatment and not to punish them.

They are not sent to prison, but to juvenile homes. And there are 3 main juvenile homes. Another key term for exam is..

5. *Delinquency*
When a child or juvenile commits an offence, it is called delinquency not crime.
But, be clear on something. There are two classes of juvenile offence.

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