There’s a rumour circulating currently that just got our attention that there is a new innovation in NOUN.  All students must pass all their courses in a previous level before he/she moves to the next level, no more registration of courses ahead of your normal level.



Furthermore if the student is in 200 level, All courses in 100 level and 200 level will be displayed. Student must pass all the courses before the next level 300 is displayed.



Implication is that if you have pending 100 and 200 level courses that you are yet to pass or register, That is carryovers. You must pass or register those courses first before moving up to the next level. Some students are saying that;

“this is a good development. It is similar to portal analysis.”

NOUN is trying to ease students headache from knowing what is delaying them from graduation. 

Below is a picture of a report we got from a student concerning this issue earlier today.

noun portal


Many students might not know they have pending course to pass before graduation hence the cause of most graduation name appearing on the list delay. 



With this new development, students will know how to clear their ground by taking note of the necessary viability….thereby making them to fully prepare for good clearance.




We hope to bring more news on this new development once it has been confirmed meanwhile alot of students are also complaining of negative balance that suddenly start showing up on their portal’s E-wallets after this recent site maintenance. 




We urge all students to check their NOUN portal for any changes and prepare ahead as results will soon be released.

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