As we’re gradually getting ready for the full resumption of the new 2021_2 semester, there are somethings you need to know as a new NOUN student.



   We at NounGeeks took our time to write this article to enable new students understand how to properly move forward to the new semester without much stress as we do follow the same procedure with our studies at the National Open University of Nigeria.

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  Admission is currently open for aspiring students to apply from 100level to 800level at the National Open University of Nigeria, when we say 800level it means Msc, PgD, MBA or any other level of study that is higher than B.sc or any undergraduate programmes in NOUN.


  Returning students (old students) you have to re-register your NOUN student’s portal on the school’s website via this link https://www.nouonline.net/stuser_reg.php to activate your portal for the new semester.


  Please note that activating your portal for the new semester does not involve any form of payment whatsoever, you can easily do it yourself by clicking on the link above which will direct you to NOUN website, there you’ll fill in your personal details and submit just like on the picture below.noun portal registration

  This is an opportunity for you to change your portal’s password or email if that’s what you wanna do too, then submit, after that you will see a “SUCCESS” message displayed, then you can proceed to login.

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    If you don’t activate your portal for the new semester you will not be able to login to your portal soon, so remember to do the needful.





  Again listen carefully, after you’re done with your portal activation for the new semester you can start to load your portal’s wallet with money.


  It’s not compulsory to pay all your NOUN school fees once if you don’t have the complete fees with you at the moment. Even if the total amount you’re to pay is 50k or 45k as a returning student but what you have now is 5k, you can generate remita for that 5k and go to the bank and pay then load it into your portal.




    You can generate as many remita payment as you want irrespective of the amount you have at hand till you’re sure you have completed the total amount you need to pay for the semester before registering, it’s not compulsory to pay all once if you’re paying big amount of money.


   That is one of the flexibility of the National Open University of Nigeria , meanwhile remember to keep all your remita payment receipts you have on each payment safe.





  Once you have your funds ready in your portal, do not rush to register your courses and exams for the new semester till NOUN releases results for the just concluded semester so that you will know if you have any carryover you need to fix into the new semester without exceeding your credit units.



   We at NounGeeks follows these steps each semester of our studies especially the part that we wait for the release of previous results before registering our courses and exams for the new semester so we don’t have carryovers waiting for us to come back to later on in the future, but if you don’t want, feel free to do it your way though.



  We wish you success with your NOUN studies, If you have any questions feel free to contact us or use the comment section below.


  You can also register on our platform for more useful NOUN tips and get notified on important school updates, meet other NOUN students from any  NOUN study centre and department.


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