NOUN B.A. Islamic Studies registrable courses and their fees are listed below from 100 level to 400 level.


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NOUN B.A. Islamic Studies Course Outline


Course Code  100 LEVEL FIRST SEMESTER Credit Unit  Status
ISL121 Studies on the Hadith 3 Core
ISL113 Qur’anic¬†Ethics 2 Core
ISL111 Studies¬†on¬†the¬†Qur’an 2 Core
ISL101 General Introduction to Islam 2 Core
ARA183 Arabic Conversation 2 Elective
ARA181 Basic Arabic 2 Elective
CIT101 Computers In Society 2 Core
GST107   2 Core
GST105   2 Core
 GST101 Use of English & Communication Skills I 2  Core
Course Code 100 LEVEL SECOND SEMESTER Credit Unit  Status
 GST102 Use of  English & Communication Skills II  2  Core
 ISL172 As-Sirah Biography of the Prophet Muhammad 3  Elective
ISL142 Islam and Inter-Religious Dialogue 2 Core
ISL136 Women in Islam 2 Elective
ISL132 Advanced Study of Salat and Zakat 2 Core
ISL102 Mosque in Islam 2 Elective
 INR142 Theory and Practice of Administration  2  Elective
CIT102 Software Application Skills 2 Core
ARA182 Arabic Reading 2 Elective
Course Code 200 LEVEL FIRST SEMESTER Credit Unit  Status
 ISL271 The Rightly Guided Caliphs and the Umayyads  2  Core




ISL245 llm¬†‘1-Kalam¬†and¬†Development¬†of Muslim¬†Firaq 1 Elective
ISL241 Prophethood and the Prophets in Islam 2 Core
ISL231 Introduction to the Shariah 2 Core
ISL213 Textual Study of the Quran 2 Core
GST203   2 Core
ENG251 Language and Society 3 Elective
CSS211 Sociology of Crime and Delinquency 3 Elective
ARA283 Arabic Reading II 2 Elective
ARA281 Arabic Literature I 2 Elective
Course Code 200 LEVEL SECOND SEMESTER Credit Unit  Status
CRS202 Comparative Study of Religions 2 Elective
PCR276 Perception and Conflict 3 Elective
ISL272 The Abbasid Caliphate 3 Core
ISL222 Textual Studies of Hadith 2 Core
ISL214 Textual¬†Study¬†of Qur’an¬†II 2 Core
ISL212 Introduction to Tajwid 3 Core
GST202   2 Core
ARA284 Translation¬†(Arabic¬†–¬†English) 2 Elective
ARA282 Arabic Grammar I 2 Elective
Course Code  300 LEVEL FIRST SEMESTER Credit Unit  Status
ARA381 Introduction to Arabic Morphology 3 Elective
ISL373 Islam in North Africa and Spain 2 Elective
ISL361 Islamic Philosophy 3 Core
ISL355 Introduction to Ta?awwuf 2 Core
ISL343 Introduction to Islamic Theology 2 Core
ISL339 Islamic Family Law 3 Core
ISL313 Introduction to World Religions 3 Core
GST301 Entrepreneurship Studies 1 2 Core
ARA383 Tanslation: Eng/Arabic 2 Elective
Course Code 300 LEVEL SECOND SEMESTER Credit Unit  Status
ISL374 Islamic Political Institutions 2 Elective
ISL372 Islam in Nigeria 2 Core
ISL332 Al-Mu’?mal?t¬†in¬†the¬†Shariah 3 Core
ISL330 Advanced Study of Sawm and Hajj 2 Core
ISL312 Exegesis of the Quran 2 Core
ISL304 Islamic Studies and Orientalism 2 Elective
ISL302 Research Methods 2 Core
ARA382 Arabic Grammar II 2 Elective
Course Code 400 LEVEL FIRST SEMESTER Credit Unit  Status
ISL471 Contribution of West African Scholars to Islamic Thought 3 Core
ISL451 Major Sufi Orders in Africa 2 Core
ISL439 Al-Hud?d: Penal System of the Shar?’ah 2 Core
ISL437 Shari’ah¬†in¬†Modem¬†Time 2 Core
ISL435 Textual Studies of Hadith 2 Core



ISL431 Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence 2 Core
ISL415 Advanced¬†Studies¬†on¬†the¬†Qur’an 2 Elective
ARA483 Arabic Rhetoric 2 Elective
ARA481 Arabic Literature in ABBASI D Period 2 Elective
Course Code 400 LEVEL SECOND SEMESTER Credit Unit  Status
ISL492 Project 4 Core
ISL474 Islamic Historiography 2 Elective
ISL472 Islam’s¬†Contributions¬†to¬†Civilization 3 Core
ISL438 Al-M?r?th :Islamic Law of Succession 2 Core
ISL436 Islamic Law of Wasiyyah and Waqf 2 Core
ISL432 Islamic Social System 2 Core
¬†ISL412 Tafs?r: Exegesis of Selected Passages of the Qur’?n on Current Issues ¬†3 ¬†Core
ISL402 Modem Reform Movement 2 Elective


NOUN school fees for B.A. Islamic Studies


Compulsory fee (1st Semester ONLY) : 100Level ‚ā¶58,000
Compulsory fee (Direct Entry Students ONLY) : 200Level & 300Level ‚ā¶58,000
Compulsory fee (Returning Students) ‚ā¶29,000
4 Units Course ‚ā¶3,000
3 Units Course ‚ā¶2,500
2 Units Course ‚ā¶2,000
Science Practical (per course) ‚ā¶6,500
Exam Fee (per course) ‚ā¶1,500
Carryover Fee (per course) ‚ā¶1,500
Project ‚ā¶25,000
IT/SIWES, Teaching practice ‚ā¶12,000
Practicum ‚ā¶15,000
Seminar ‚ā¶5,000

NB: Make sure to register atleast 1 elective (E) course each semester and also, If you’re registering any carryover course, you don’t have to register the main course again but ONLY the exam.


The link for carryover registration will be active on your portal once the carryover registration period begins.


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