NOUN B.Sc. Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution registrable courses and their fees are listed below from 100 level to 400 level.


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NOUN B.Sc. Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution Course Outline


Course Code  100 LEVEL FIRST SEMESTER Credit Unit  Status
CSS121 Introduction to Psychology 3 Elective
FRE101 Basic French Grammar I 2 Elective
CSS111 Introduction to Sociology 3 Elective
EC0121 Principles of Economics I 3 Elective
POL121 Introduction to African Politics 3 Elective
POL111 Elements of Political Science 3 Elective
PCR115 Introduction to Conflict Resolution Processes I 3 Core
PCR113 Introduction to Peace Education 3 Core
PCR111 Introduction to Peace Studies 3 Core
GST107 A Study Guide for the Distance Learner 2 Core
GST105   2 Core
GST101 Use of English & Communication Skills I 2 Core
Course Code 100 LEVEL SECOND SEMESTER Credit Unit   Status
POL126 Citizens and the State 3 Elective
POL124 Organization of Government 3 Elective
FRE102 French Grammar II 2 Elective
CSS132 Ethnography and social structure of Nigeria 3 Elective
CSS134 Geography of Nigeria 3 Elective
PCR114 Introduction to Conflict Resolution 3 Core
PCR112 Democracy and Good Governance 3 Core
CIT102 Software Application Skills 2 Core
GST102 Use of English & Communication Skills II 2 Core




GST104 Use of Library 2 Core
Course Code 200 LEVEL FIRST SEMESTER Credit Unit  Status
POL223 Foundations of Political Economy 3 Elective
PCR261 Culture Values and Conflicts in War 3 Core
FRE111 Language laboratory Work/Oral French I 2 Elective
CSS211 The Sociology of Crime and Delinquency 3 Elective
CSS243 Principles of Security Practice and Management 3 Elective
POL221 Nigerian Government and Politics I 2 Elective
PCR271 Understanding War and Conflict 3 Core
PCR211 Education for Peace 3 Core
GST201   2 Core
Course Code 200 LEVEL SECOND SEMESTER Credit Unit  Status
CRS202 Comparative Study of Religions 2 Elective
MAC212 Media and Society 3 Elective
PCR274 Introduction to Conflict Transformation 3 Core
POL228   3 Elective
INR242 Pre-Colonial African Diplomacy 2 Elective
INR212 International Law and Diplomacy in the 20th Century 2 Elective
PCR276 Perception and Conflict 3 Core
PCR272 Concepts and Practice of Peace Building 3 Core
GST202   2 Core
GST204 Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2 Core
Course Code  300 LEVEL FIRST SEMESTER Credit Unit  Status
CSS356 Traditional and Informal Mechanisms of Crime 3 Elective
PCR373 Demobilisation, Disarmament and Reintegration 3 Core
CSS381 Domestic Violence 3 Elective
PCR311 Philosophies and Great Personalities of Peace 3 Core
 PCR375 Language and Information Management in Peace & Conflict Resolution  3  Core
PCR371 Third Party Intervention in Conflict Resolution 3 Core
PCR331 History of Conflict in Nigeria 3 Core
Course Code 300 LEVEL SECOND SEMESTER Credit Unit  Status
EC0324 History of Economic Thought 3 Elective
INR322 Contemporary Strategic Studies 2 Elective
PCR362 Urban Violence and Security 3 Core
PCR352 Sustainable Environmental Development and Peace 3 Elective



PCR374 Practical Exercises in Conflict Simulation 3 Core
PCR372 Introduction to Ear1y Warning Mechanism 3 Core
PCR312 Peace Research Methods 3 Core
GST302 Business Creation and Growth 2 Core
Course Code 400 LEVEL FIRST SEMESTER Credit Unit  Status
INR441 Contemporary Strategic Studies 3 Elective
POL431 Third World Dependency &Development 3 Elective
PCR421 Intemational Organisations and Peace building 3 Elective
PCR419 International Politics of the Cold War :1945- 1991 3 Core
PCR417 International Relations and Security 3 Core
PCR415 The Nature of Global Terrorism 3 Core
Course Code 400 LEVEL SECOND SEMESTER Credit Unit  Status
CSS452 Victims of Crimes and Human Rights Violations 3 Elective
PCR412 Project 6 Core
POL424 Political Parties & Pressure Groups 3 Elective
INR412 Foreign Policies of Great Powers 3 Elective
PCR424 Governance, International Law and Fundamental Human Rights 3 Core
PCR422 Globalisation and Peace 3 Core


NOUN school fees for B.Sc. Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution


Compulsory fee (1st Semester ONLY) : 100Level ‚ā¶58,000
Compulsory fee (Direct Entry Students ONLY) : 200Level & 300Level ‚ā¶58,000
Compulsory fee (Returning Students) ‚ā¶29,000
4 Units Course ‚ā¶3,000
3 Units Course ‚ā¶2,500
2 Units Course ‚ā¶2,000
Science Practical (per course) ‚ā¶6,500
Exam Fee (per course) ‚ā¶1,500
Carryover Fee (per course) ‚ā¶1,500
Project ‚ā¶25,000
IT/SIWES, Teaching practice ‚ā¶12,000
Practicum ‚ā¶15,000
Seminar ‚ā¶5,000

NB: Make sure to register atleast 1 elective (E) course each semester and also, If you’re registering any carryover course, you don’t have to register the main course again but ONLY the exam.


The link for carryover registration will be active on your portal once the carryover registration period begins.


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