Yes, you read that well. You should stop buying those exam summaries those wannabe NOUN agents are selling to you. What you need is COURSE SUMMARIES not EXAM SUMMARIES… Ask me why?


You see, for you to succeed in NOUN, you need to belong to a credible NOUN group or agent that can guide you and also love to see you win (pass) not just those after your money.


Most of these NOUN agents will come after us for revealing this secret but we honestly don’t give an F. We’re doing this for the students, that’s what NounGeeks is made for and that’s what really matters to us (updating our members).


We are not trying to sound salesy here or try to make you patronize us by buying our course summaries. This is just an advice for our members (New students) to understand what those other agents are selling and call it exam summary.


Why you should stop buying NOUN Exam Summaries


  • There is nothing like exam summary in NOUN. What you are buying is questions and answers from past questions papers that those agents will download, copy and paste it into a blank document and call it exam summary, as simple as that.

Why you should stop buying NOUN Exam Summaries
Why you should stop buying NOUN Exam Summaries
  • After copying and pasting questions and answers together, they’ll now brand it and watermark it (Business packaging) and use big English to confuse new students into buying it for a very high fee. Some can charge from N800 to N1,500 per course. This is pure ripping and we wouldn’t like our members to fall victim.


  •  Those NOUN exam summaries (Questions & answers summaries) you’re buying will NEVER help you in your NOUN exams or even as a student if you depend on them (will explain this more as we go on).


  • Those NOUN exam summaries (Questions & answers summaries) you’re buying are like past questions that our members with activated accounts on the platform can download for free.


To further illustrate, we saw one of those exam summaries and the format is like this for example;


QUESTION – How many borders of the heart are there? 



Just 4? No further explanation or even list those heart borders for you. Is this what you call exam summary? What’s the difference between this exam summary and ordinary past questions? Have you asked yourself this question as a student?

smart student


What will you write in your exam when a question like this pops up “List the 4 heart borders and explain two“? You’ll stare at your computer screen or paper and chew your pen and hopefully by then your mind will now tell you “omo, NounGeeks said this o and i didn’t listen“.


Another point is that NOUN is not dumb to repeat a single line of question like the one you read in “Exam summaries” every semester. NOUN pick their questions randomly from Course material. Reading a single line of question and answer with no further explanation because they call it exam summary is a recipe for disaster.


New students are the easiest to confuse in NOUN. Returning students will never buy such because they know exactly what they want and what they want is value and a lil bit of detailed explanation not questions and answers. If they (returning students) needs questions and answers to study, they’ll go and download NOUN past questions and study with them, not exam summary.


As you can see from the whatsapp picture above is a returning students that knows exactly what he/she wants. Most of these agents selling exam summaries are not even in the school system like us, they’re just businessmen trying to make quick bucks on fresh students.


What you need is NOUN course summaries


NOUN course summaries are carefully selected topics from each units of your course materials that are broken down into easy and understandable way to assist you in preparing for your NOUN exams.


NounGeeks course summaries are not in any way a substitute for your main course materials. Always read your main course materials and use our course summaries as a supplement.


Believe it or not NounGeeks invented NOUN course summaries in 2017. Most of us here are graduates and we used the same summaries. Did it help us? Yes! it helped us. Most of our biggest clients are returning students (Those writing POP exams) because they really understand what is working and what’s not in the school.


Some NOUN agents also copy us now and started calling it “Exam course summary” and some have started removing questions and answers because students are no longer buying it and some agents now add both questions and answers plus other combinations just to make it attractive. Either ways, stay woke and don’t be deceived as a new NOUN student. 


Below is a format of NounGeeks course summary, perfect for your revisions. No added ingredients, directly from your main course materials.



nsc216 course summary

nsc216 course summary


NounGeeks course summary is perfect in situations like:

  • You’re stuck in traffic or on your way to school or exam and you need to revise while waiting 

  • You’re at your study centre waiting for your exam to start (please don’t take it inside the exam hall)

  • You want to get a general overview of a course material (blurb)

  • You want something less bulky but has same content as your main course material, etc


You read it here first, now pay attention and you’ll notice how they’ll copy us again. We wish you success this new semester, until next time – NounGeeks 🙂

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