McCarthy study centre IT/Siwes defense update


The long awaited SIWES defense for McCarthy study centre will be coming up from Tuesday 1st of February to Thursday 3rd February 2022.


Please all reports must be done according to the criteria given in the logbook and Spiral bind one copy for defense.


The defense is for those that started from Jan, Feb, march, Apr, July, and August Of last year (2021).

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Below are the items to bring along for the IT/Siwes defense


You are to come for the defense with;

  1. Logbook

  2. Report

  3. NOUN evaluation form from your SIWES portal (signed, filled and stamped by your organization)

  4. ITF reporting form (Form 8)

Please everybody must take their logbooks to ITF to endorse it and all logbooks must be signed by your industry based supervisor and stamped every week.


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Tuesday 1st Feb 2022

  • BSc. Criminology

  • B.Sc. EMT

  • B.Sc. ESM

  • B.Sc. Biology

  • B.Sc. Chemistry


Wednesday 2nd Feb 2022

  • B.Sc. Peace studies

  • B.Sc. (ED) Business Edu

  • B.Sc. (ED) Agric Sci

  • B.Sc. Cooperative mgt

  • B.Agric Agric science


Thursday 3rd Feb 2022

  • B.Sc. Mass Communication

  • B.Sc. Tourism

  • B.Sc. Communication Tech

  • B.Sc. Info Tech

  • B.Sc. Computer science

All students should be seated by 8:30am so we can start as soon as the facilitators come by 9am.

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McCarthy study centre Teaching practice Update


NOUN teaching practice


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