According  to Merriam Webster, distance learning is a method of study where teachers and students do not meet in a classroom but use the Internet, e-mail, online facilitation etc., to have classes.

“Simply put, distance learning is when students are separated from teachers/lecturers and peers.”

Don’t let anyone deceive you or try to discourage you from getting your degree through distance learning mode like National Open University of Nigeria.

distance learning

There are lots of reasons why distance learning is simply the best, i will list some of those reasons in this article.



1. Study anywhere in the world

You’re not constrained to choose a university near your hometown or in a city you wouldn’t mind living in.

Because your learning is delivered online you don’t have to stay in one place throughout your degree. You can travel or move towns and not disrupt your education.

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In National open university of Nigeria, you can easily change your study centre to your new location if need be.



2. You don’t need to put your life on hold

It’s possible to fit your education around all your other responsibilities.

I know students who volunteer, care for family members or raise children. I know one woman who homeschools her children while studying herself and another who continued her degree even while pregnant and then studied while caring for her newborn baby.


Lots of students are able to work part time or even full time while studying. This means you’ll graduate with years of valuable work experience.

If you’ve been able to work while studying you may get a head start against other students applying for the same jobs after university.


Are you keen to move out of home, or start saving for travelling or even a mortgage – you can do all this and more while studying.



3. Study when and how you want


This is the motto of our great institution (National Open University of Nigeria).


Because the majority of your study will be independent and flexible, you can choose when in your day and week you study.

Maybe you’re an early bird and perform better in the mornings before work or your family wakes up. Or maybe (like me) you’re a night owl and would prefer to study in the evenings.


distance learning


Similarly, maybe you find you achieve more by studying little and often, 30-60 minutes every day. Or maybe you can only study in long bursts so prefer to get through your workload at the weekend. With distance learning, when you study is up to you.



4. Save time travelling to university

You won’t have to spend time travelling to and from face-to-face classes.

As your studying is completed online you’ll be able to save time and spend this extra time getting more done or relaxing.



5. Gain extra skills

Distance learning teaches you to work independently, prioritize your workload, problem solve, motivate yourself and persevere even when you just want to give up.

These skills are crazy valuable for your career or future studies.



6. Lower costs

Distance learning courses are often cheaper than those at traditional campus universities.

Lower costs mean lower final debt. Or it may even mean you’re able to pay off some or all of your education as you study.


Do you know if you got admission in other schools in a different state you will also look for accommodation and pay other basic bills you need to set up but in distance learning like NOUN, all  you need is a good phone/pc with data.

distance learning



7. Study in your pyjamas

I’ve left the best until last. If you want to study in your pyjamas, you can!

(Just make sure you remember to put some real clothes on if you video chat with your tutor or during online facilitation!)

So once I’ve decided  that distance learning was right for me I had to choose my university.

distance learning


I researched lots of institutions online but a lot of them lacked what I really wanted.


Distance learning is a lot more flexible than traditional face-to-face studying or regular studying. But lots of providers weren’t flexible enough for me.


Some only offered compulsory modules so I would have no choice in modules. Others were strict with how long you had to complete a degree. And I couldn’t find many that allowed for breaks in your study either.


I then was advised to apply in National open university Nigeria since I have some experience in regular university and work. so looked it up online.

After reviewing and learning the system for some months I knew this was where I wanted to study so I called a friend of mine  and spoke to her on how I can register and she answered all my questions and got me signed up within 24 hours at one of the study centres in Abuja with the help of my faculty officer.


Everything happened so quickly. I rushed to buy stationery.  I went home and was much excited about my decision to study at Noun and my successful admission.



I was actually terrified of going back to school because work and business has shifted my focus though I love education and I always place myself to personal development.


If you meet me and I didn’t tell you I’m not a graduate, you won’t know because I always try to be ahead with technology and knowledge which inspired me to be a website designer, digital marketing and business consultant  but I knew everything would be different this time.


I still didn’t know how to study effectively with National open university of Nigeria since it’s a unique university, but my mindset has changed especially for distance learning since i joined a platform like NounGeeks that always guide NOUN students and put them through the whole learning process.


I had dropped my passion to study at Akwa ibom state university  and was determined to work my butt off at National open university of Nigeria.


I chose to study with  NOUN because it has all the benefits of distance learning I just described. But it also has many more.

I’m a tourism student from Abuja study centre, you can visit my profile and add me as friends, you can also connect with other Nounites on NounGeeks when you sign up on the platform.


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