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Friday, 21 June 2024
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We list all necessary apps/softwares that you’ll need on your phones and tablets to study in NOUN. Those that does not have quick access to play stores can get it here.



Looking for the meaning of some words? Download this dictionary app on your phone and get all the answers you need.


Advanced Offline dictionary download



This App is the main app used by National Open University Of Nigeria for their online facilitations and lectures for all students.
we made it available here for students who might need it, just download and install on your phone that’s all.
Happy zooming..

zoom photo

Download Zoom


Adobe Reader

All the past questions and files on this website are all in PDF format, adobe reader is the perfect app for you to view any document on your phone. This app is very useful for any student, kindly download it on your phone.

Download Adobe Reader


noun e-exams practice

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