Exam clearance forms are those forms or receipts you have to print out from your NOUN portal and send to your study centre to be stamped, so you can be allowed to sit for any exams in National Open University of Nigeria.


We advice you to do this (exam clearance) on time. If possible weeks before exam resumption to avoid getting into any issues with NOUN staffs during your exams.


Follow these simple steps to print out your exam clearance forms like your school ID card, registered exam slip and your E-wallet.


How to print out NOUN School ID card

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  • Login to  your NOUN portal at nouonline.net

  • Click on “Tasks” on the menu to dropdown.

NOUN exam clearance


  • Then click on “Your ID card”  to preview your school ID card, from there you can save it on your phone or pc and go to any café and print it out.


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How to print out NOUN registered exams slip


  • Click on  “Registration” then “2022/1  Exams Registration”

NOUN exam clearance


  • A preview of your registered exams for the semester will show up on the next page, you can then save it or print it out from there.



How to print out NOUN E-wallet


  • Login to  your NOUN portal at nouonline.net

  • Click on  “ewallet” to drop down, then click on “view wallet”

NOUN exam clearance

  • The next page  will display all your e-transactions. If you’re using a mobile phone, scroll down the page to  print it out or press CTRL + P  if you’re on PC to print or save it.


Other items you need for your exam clearance are listed below:

  • Remita payment receipt or your bank payment receipt

  • Passport photographs

  • Exam clearance form (will be provided by your study centre)


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Exam clearance is free but some study centre might charge N200 or more for stamping. Don’t pay any agent to do your NOUN exam clearance for you. We advise you to print all the items listed on this page and visit your study centre and do it yourself.



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