One of our major aim of developing NounGeeks is not just to post school updates and give you latest information about National Open University Of Nigeria but also to connect you with your NOUN coursemates from any department, level and study centre.


noun coursemates


On NounGeeks, we have developed a robust search tool that can assist you in locating your NOUN coursemates without looking harder or adding yourself to too many whatsapp groups that claimed to be your department’s whatsapp group.


Getting to know your coursemates is very important as a NOUN student, they’re the ones you can easily call on to confirm somethings concerning your department or study centre.


Most times you want to connect with a senior student from your department to know how they passed a course or tips on how they did their seminar or project, all you have to do is to login to your account on NounGeeks and run a search with our search tool to find any type of student you want to connect to.


Here’s How To Find Your NOUN CourseMates on NounGeeks


1.  Login to your account and scroll down to locate the “Search CourseMates” bar, you can also scroll to the bottom of our website or app to see it. You can reset your password if you’ve forgotten it.noun coursemates


2.  Click on it to drop down, now select what you want and click on search. You can choose to search for only department, or level or study centre. Any option you select just click the “search” below to show you students from your search query.


If you want your search to be more targeted like you want to see 100 level computer science students from lagos study centre. What you’ll do is to select computer science from the department’s list, 100 from the level’s list and then study centre, look for Lagos study centre and select it then click search.


noun coursemates


3. Once done, the platform will bring up students that matched your search. For example, i searched for 100 level business administration students.


noun coursemates


4.  You can then add them up as friends (If you’re logged in) or send them a message or you can create a group chat on the platform and invite those from your level or department to join.

Most students set their profile to private on the platform, others hide their phone numbers from public so it’s better you send them a friendship request or copy their number if they made it visible to the public.


noun coursemates




We’re currently still working on this search tool to improve it even more. If you don’t have an account on NounGeeks you can still use it and  see how it works but you won’t see all the members and your search won’t give you best results. We urge you to sign up and join the community if you’re a NOUN student.


If you create a group chat or belong to any group on the platform, learn how to activate group chat notifications so you will get notified on any latest information your coursemates posts in the groups you belonged to.


Here is a list of some of the NOUN groups on the platform you can join. We hope you find this article helpful in connecting with your NOUN coursemates.

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